Global Day of Prayer : Countdown 4

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                                                     11 DAYS TO GO
And I, because of their actions and their imaginations, am about to come and gather all nations and tongues, and they will come and see my glory. Isaiah 66:18 (NIV) 

 Let’s Celebrate as ALL 220 Countries will be participating on 31 May 2009!!!!

Yes, what seemed impossible has become a reality: 1 city in 2001, 1 nation in 2002, 1 continent in 2004 and NOW hundreds of millions from thousands of cities in every single country of the world will be joining for the Global Day of Prayer!

Hundreds of millions of Christians will be participating in the 10 Days of prayer and GDOP.   Thursday 21st May (Ascension Day) sees the start of the 10 days of prayer leading up to Global Day of Prayer. This is an opportunity to unite in prayer, praying day and night from the Lord’s Prayer, with millions of people around the world.  “It is so encouraging to see how Christians are uniting around the Global Day of Prayer vision by making prayer and action a priority in these challenging times. Prayer Leader.

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.  Habakkuk 2:14 (NIV)

In many European countries the Global Day of Prayer has also grown from a small gathering in one city/town to national participation. Excitement is sensed all across the continent.  
>From the United Kingdom is reported “the Global Day of Prayer vision has exploded and there will be over 85 locations hosting a variety of creative events in cathedrals, churches, parks, streets, town centres, city walls, up hills, from viewpoints and in a stadium and a university!  There will be 13 Northern Ireland events, two events in Scotland, two events in Wales and around 68 events in England which includes 33 different borough events in Greater London.  There are 4 cathedrals hosting events” One such event is in Clydebank, Scotland: “The town Centre of Clydebank has a canal running through it. The highlight of our service will be a symbolic "Crossing of the Jordan" as a sign of commitment to Christian unity and intercession.”

In the Balkans Macedonia will  have young people from 4-5 churches in the city gather together to make plans for the 24 hour house of prayer and for the May 31 GDOP gathering.  We believe this will help release a torch to the next generation of believers in this nation and in Bulgaria “God lead us into the very heart of Sofia. The largest open air square of Sofia - Alexander Batenberg. A place where the communistic party used to have their speeches, and where during revival times in Bulgaria, 1991, 1992 there had been held the biggest evangelistic meetings.”
The Russians tell us “The Lord opened His rivers of the living water through the GDOP. During the last 3 years the GDOP covered the 30 of Russian cities, though started it in the only one city”
Who would have ever imagined the day when the whole earth would be covered with the prayers of the saints, from the rising of the sun in the East to it’s setting in the West? That day has dawned on us in a time and season of desperation. Let us now pray in faith that He who is able to accomplish abundantly more than we can pray or think, will hear our prayers and heal our land and the nations of the world.

Please visit the website www.globaldayofprayer.com and click on your continent to see who to contact about an event near you or contact us at [email protected].

Many Blessings and love

The GDOP Team