Global Day of Prayer : Countdown Update

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With only 15 days to go until the 10 Days of Night and Day prayer and 25 days until the Global Day of Prayer we would like give thanks and praise to the Lord for
208 countries participating so far. Some will have large stadium gatherings; others will meet in secret places. Many will go to town squares and some will meet in open fields.


(We have no confirmation from anyone that they will be participating)

We URGENTLY need your help in any possible way to make contact with them or to involve them.

One thing we have learned from the past is that it is never too late to start encouraging and/or mobilizing people to pray.


Aruba Monaco American Samoa

Dominica San Marino Nauru

Martinique Wallis and Futuna

Virgin Islands of the USA


Falkland Islands St Pierre & Miquelon (An Island near Canada)

French Guyana

With this e-mail we would also like to encourage you to contact us at [email protected] to find out to what extent your country is participating because although the above mentioned number of countries has been registered, it does not mean mobilization of Global Day of Prayer is not needed.

We are receiving wonderful testimonies of how the Lord is using people from all ages, denominations, ministries etc to spread the news.

In many countries the prayer movement has grown from one small gathering to a National Prayer movement just because someone was obedient and willing but there are many countries that still need a lot of work.

Please join us in prayer for everyone who is working hard to prepare for this gathering of the nations, summoned by God to come together in Unity.

A list of country contacts is available on the website www.globaldayofprayer.com. If there is no contact listed, please write to [email protected].

The next update will be sent out by 21 April 2008

Many Blessings

The Global Day of Prayer Team