How do we respond to Haiti now?

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January 14, 2010 

As you can imagine I have been fielding questions from around the region concerning how persons can help our Haïtian brothers and sisters. There’s no easy answer at this time. The major infrastructure around Port-au-Prince has been destroyed and it will be weeks – possibly months – before that infrastructure can be rebuilt and functional. This means no import or customs facilities in and around Port-au-Prince. In the meantime what can we do? 

The Salvation Army is a member of EAC and has a strong and diverse ministry in Haïti. In fact many Haïtian officers are serving with the Salvation Army throughout the islands. Additionally, the Salvation Army does disaster response globally and is highly experienced in this type of situation. I am therefore recommending that churches liaise with the Salvation Army through their local divisions about sending containers and barrels of clothing, food, water, etc. I have great confidence in the Salvation Army and I know that material assistance sent through them will definitely get to the neediest persons. 

Some churches have denominational contacts in Haïti and some have been working with agencies in Haïti for some time. These churches will want to work with their own contacts in Haïti and that is encouraged. Even so I’m sure that officers in the Salvation Army would be willing to help and advise in the process. 

Above all, please keep intercession levels as high as possible.