India: Christians Attacked in Faridabad, Haryana

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Christians in Lakarpur, Faridabad were attacked by 50 Bajrang Dal activists early this morning. The activists caused physical harm to some of the church members, including Rakesh and Suman in whose home a local church meets. They also threatened that church services may not be held here in the future.

The activists also further threatened that a special function would be held on December 24th that would have to be attended by the church members who would have to take the name of their Hindu god.

Though a FIR was not lodged on this occasion, the local Pradhan (village headman) apologized for the incident and assured that the December 24th incident would not take place and also assured the safety of the church members.

Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI) urges the police to take matters such as these seriously and act swiftly so that Christians will not have to live under threats or feel unsafe.