India: Christians severely beaten in Nagpur, Maharashtra

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A 'Jesus Film' team comprising of Rev. Ravi Shambhakar, Mr. Ramprakash Sahu and Mr. Satpute were severely beaten in Nagpur by Hindu fanatics on the night of February 8, 2007. The equipment of the Christians was also damaged. Mr. Satpute was brutally beaten and lost five teeth in the attack. He was later taken to the hospital. The Christians belong to the Church of Nazarene in Nagpur.
When CLAI spoke to Rev. Prabhkar Manmothe of the Church of Nazarene, he said that “when the Christians had gone to register a complaint against the attackers at the local thana, the police in return gave them a letter saying that ‘they (meaning the Christians) were in the wrong’ since the film was shown in public without permission. However, since then, Mr. Vijay Mohod told EFI that the police have so far arrested around five people who might be associated with the attack.
Pray that the police will find the right perpetrators and that the church in Nagpur will be strengthened in the midst of persecution.