India: Christians to get full Adoption Rights

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The Evangelical Fellowship of India welcomes the significant move made by the Centre
to enhance the legal rights of adopted children and the couples who adopt them.

The Centre Govt. has changed the law to allow non-Hindu parents to claim full
parenthood instead of just 'guardian' status that they were allowed till now.

Until now only Hindu couples who adopted children could claim to be 'parents',
non-Hindu were just guardians to their adopted children.

Under the new guidelines issued by the Women and Child Development Ministry under
the Juvenile Justice Act 2000, amended last year and notified on October 26, the new
rules will also cut red-tapism in adoption procedures.

Non-Hindu couples are now given right to full parenthood of adopted child.

The Evangelical Fellowship of India had in year 2006 filed an Intervention Petition
in Supreme Court seeking the right to adopt child to be extended to the Christian

Rev. Richard Howell
Evangelical Fellowship of India
New Delhi