India: EFI News, October 2007

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Promoting Human Rights and the Freedom of Conscience
October 8, 2007
Editorial TeamRev. Richard Howell
Arpana Mukha
Deepak Narula

Monthly Magazine of EFI
The Church is called to a mind transformational mission. We should all proclaim the gospel and also demonstrate the gospel by being a holy nation and the salt, light and leaven of the world.
News at a Glance

India: The Broken PeopleIndia may have a booming economy with a soaring stock exchange fast growing technology and services sector, but it's built on service of a much more unpleasant kind, as this week's Unreported World reveals.

It's Time To Fast Track Justice The real villain in not providing speedy justice is the government. Of the sanctioned strength of 14,719 posts in district and subordinate courts in the country, 2,768 vacancies exist. In 21 high courts with a sanctioned strength of 725 judges, 142 vacancies..

District panels to inquire into child abuse in Delhi schools In a bid to protect the rights of children and ensuring a safe and secure learning in schools the Delhi Government's Education Department has set up special committees in each district which will inquire into all cases ...

Buta advocates reservation for Dalit Christians, Muslims Advocating reservation for Christian and Muslim dalits, National Commission for Scheduled Castes Chairman Buta Singh on Sunday said the commission has no objection to the quota being extended to them...

Govt plans panel on corporal punishment in schools With cases of corporal punishments piling up in the Capital and taking serious note of the Friday's incident where a nursery student was stripped by a teacher, the Delhi Government on Sunday announced the setting up of a permanent panel to look...

Four lakh children slogging in cotton fields: A Report About four lakh Indian children are engaged in hybrid cotton fields in four cotton growing states, says a report by the India Committee of the Netherlands (ICN)...

In India, 'Untouchables' Convert To Christianity -- and Face Extra Bias The plight of India's secret converts, ignored for decades, is now at the forefront of national politics. Partly driving the change is Indian Christians' new partnership with Islam, a religion frequently at odds with Christianity elsewhere in the world.

Crime against women soars in West Bengal In the five years between 2000 and 2005, migration and a growing number of women in the workforce has seen West Bengal go from being one of the safest states for women in the country to a not-so-safe one, with crimes against women rising 69% in this perio

ESSENTIALLY INDIA - Ha, Jon g Hindi bind a Northeast UNBELIEVABLE HEARTWARMING BREATHTAKING IT HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA Life without Hindi, albeit pidgin, is unimaginable in the North-East, no matter what the outlawed U1fa or its militant cousins might say against this language of the "Indian occupational for

Basic health care in India lacks bare minimum facilities The details compiled by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare say that only 48.4 per cent primary health centres (PHCs) in the country have the labour rooms, while 11.9 per cent is regularly maintained...

Christian sects fight over space to pray in church Syro-Malabar Christians in the Capital are angry with the Latin Catholic group for refusing them permission to pray in their churches...

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Listening To God Habakuk wanted to know why his pleas to God for justice were falling on dear ears.

Main Story

Alms and the girlsFirozas mother has sold her daughter to this aged man, a veteran of the temple premises. He rapes her regularly and in return, he gives money to the family to enable it to survive from day to day...


Pastor, Wife attacked by Hindu extremist group in Lucknow On September 16, a big group of about 150 Hindu extremists stopped their motorbike and physically assaulted both the husband and wife...

Christian Life

An Excellent Example For All Young People To Follow God allows trials to come to us too, in order to manifest our testimony to others. When we endure in persecution and love our persecutors, others will see Christ in us...

Preaching & Sermons

Faith to Receive God's GiftsIf we trust God, He will not only forgive our sins, He'll set us free from sin's power as well...

Unbelief by George Muller It is the sin that most suits with our sense of feeling. The coming sinner feels the workings of sin, of all manner of sin and wretchedness in his flesh; he also feels the wrath and judgment of God due to sin and of times staggers under it...

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