India: ‘Last Resort’ Drug Rehabilitation Centre Under Attack

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A group of Christians from ‘Last Resort’, a drug rehabilitation centre in Khokhan village of Kullu District in Himachal Pradesh were granted bail today after being arrested yesterday under sections 491, 492, 295A of the Indian Penal Code.

The arrest took place on the 18th of January based on the information supplied by two inmates who had escaped from the center on the 16th of January. The inmates, Vinod Saini and Amos stated that they were being forcefully kept at the rehabilitation center and forced to read the Bible, convert to Christianity, etc.

After the Christian Legal Association of India (CLAI) contacted the inmates, Vinod Saini stated that he been forced to file an FIR under pressure and that he wished to withdraw his statement given to the police.

The group of Christians, Pastor Rajesh Toppo, Mr. Nizam Minthang, Mr. Gopal Singh Bhatia and Mr. Lalboi were produced before the magistrate and were finally released on bail earlier today.

Let’s pray for the protection of these believers and for peace to be restored at ‘Last Resort’.