India: Racial Attack on Northeast People in Pune

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July 21, 2009:

EFI expresses concern and grief on the brutal attacked meted out to four Naga boys in Salisbury , Pune.

On 21 June, about 15 local men assaulted four Naga students from the northeast state of India in Salisbury Park , Pune.

Speaking to EFI, Naga community, ex-officio, adviser for students union, Pune, Rev. Achu Chang said, “the incident made the northeast students in Pune insecure and we are taking the matter to higher authorities.”

The attacked took place at about 11:00 p.m., when two men on a bike verbally abused two Naga students calling them, “Nepalis, Chinkies” and started beating, kicking and punching the students when they replied, “we are Indians.”

People nearby intervened, told the bikers that the students are Indian and are from the northeast. The matter was somehow settled and the bikers took off.

Five minutes later, the agitated bikers come back with about 15 people carrying sticks and started beating, kicking and punching the students mercilessly. Two other Naga students who arrived on the spot to help their friends were also severely beaten up by the miscreants. The four students sustained injuries and one received hospital treatment with five stitches on his head.

Naga community in Pune has submitted a memorandum to the Maharashtra State Minorities Commission, and police complaint has been lodged but no arrests and action had been made at press time.

EFI appeals to all communities to celebrate the diverse cultures, ethnic groups and languages of India and to treat every citizens of India with respect, dignity and equality.

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