India: The Marginalised ‘Other India’ Demonstrates

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A massive rally of Tribals and Dalits of 21 States was held in New Delhi on Oct. 29,

Thousands of volunteers from different tribal and Dalit organizations and
associations began their march on 2nd October from Gwalior to protest against
Government policies detrimental to tribals and Dalits.

The organization called "Ekta Parishad" organized this protest march as what they
call "Janadesh 2007" meaning verdict of the people. Talking to our correspondent
Shri Murli Das Sant, a member of Ekta Parishad from Korba, Chattisgarh said that
they would oppose the Law of Special Economic Zone (SEZ) which ceases all the rights
on land given to the people.

Following were the main demands of the protesters:

1.. Formation of a National Land Authority

2.. Land to all the landless

3.. Single Window Land System

4.. End to all sorts of atrocities against Women, Dalits and Tribals by different
Govt. agencies.

They coined the slogan "Jal, Jangal aur Jameen" (Water, Forest and Land) to all the
Tribals and Dalits. Mr. Gaurang Mohapatra, a protester from Bhubaneshwar, Orissa
told that the rights of Tribals and Dalits would not be allowed to be snatched by
Govt. They would fight with the Govt. on the issues tooth and nail.

Around 25,000 tribals and Dalits started their march on foot in a massive way from
Gwalior on Oct. 2nd, which passed through several villages and small towns and
reached New Delhi on Oct. 28th , 2007 which was restrained from going to Raj Ghat at
the Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi and were confined to Ram Leela Ground.

When our correspondent Sanjay Paul talked to the protesters they told him that until
their demands are not met they will not move from there what so ever the
consequences may be. The protesters are so much committed for their demands that
they had only one square meal through out the march.

Pray and participate in struggle for justice for India's marginalized millions.

Rev. Richard Howell
General Secretary
Evangelical Fellowship of India
805/92, Deepali, Nehru Place
New Delhi 110019