Integral Disaster Response Alert for the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

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In October 2014 fourteen[1] Integral Members joined together for an Integral Response for the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. They have been responding directly, supporting local partners and providing funding for work in Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali and the DRC.

Integral Members are involved in a range of activities in the affected countries including, setting up Ebola treatment centres, sending ‘Rapid Response’ teams to evaluate reported cases, working in communities and with households providing sanitation kits and educating through a variety of public health communications. Additionally, they are providing supplies of medicines to ensure clinic can treat other diseases and working to strengthen existing healthcare infrastructure, as well as looking at the livelihood implications of the Ebola outbreak,

As well as Integral Members coordinating and supporting each other’s work, operational Members have worked closely with the Ministry of Health within affected countries and the World Health Organisation. The latest reports show a marked decrease in the number of new Ebola cases, giving a strong indication that the worst of the outbreak has passed.

Roger Sandberg, Director of Emergency Relief and Global Security with Integral Member Medical Teams International, says, “Although the Ebola outbreak cannot be declared over until there are no new reported cases, we are encouraged that the number of new cases continues to decrease each week.  Certainly, the approach and strategy that the government of Liberia and the international aid community is implementing seems to be working.  Medical Teams International is grateful for the coordinated response and the support that the Members of the Integral Alliance have contributed toward ending this horrible outbreak.”

However, even though the latest statistics are encouraging, yesterday the UN warned that the epidemic is not yet contained. Read more here.

Integral Member MAP International also specialises in the health sector and since the Ebola response began, they have provided +$16 million USD worth of PPEs, essential medicines and supplies through other Integral Members and their local partners. They have also focused on buttressing the healthcare infrastructure providing ongoing supplies of medicines to treat the non-Ebola patient load.

Mark Mosely, Vice President of Disaster Relief with MAP International says, "We consider the value-added contributions of Integral Alliance Members essential to maximizing MAP's provision of +$16 million USD worth of PPEs, essential medicines and supplies, only one of many contributions from Integral Members in a collective effort to serve those in need particularly in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. We are undoubtedly stronger together than apart."

Integral continues to facilitate regular conference calls for the on-going coordination of this crisis, and enables the sharing of photos, stories and funding and staffing needs through its dedicated DR website.

See here for the latest situation report from the World Health Organisation.

Integral Alliance is a WEA affiliate and has served as a global partner to the WEA in the field of relief and development since 2006. Integral contributes to the WEA’s goal of fostering Christian unity around the world through working with its Members on a more integrated and collaborative strategy in disasters.


All Integral Members sign up to the Red Cross Code of Conduct and Sphere Standards, and Integral has developed an agreed Quality Standards Statement amongst its 20 Members.

Integral’s website: www.integralalliance.org


Integral has 20 Members who work in over 85 countries and currently fund over 1100 projects in more than 30 sectors. Our Members have a combined income of over $675m USDs and are:

CEDAR Fund - Hong Kong

Food for the Hungry – USA

Integra - Slovakia
MAP International - USA
Medical Teams International - USA

Medair – Switzerland

Missions Alliance - Norway

Mission East - Denmark

SEL France - France
TEAR Australia – Australia

Tear- Netherlands

Tearfund – Belgium

TEAR Fund – New Zealand
Tear Fund - Switzerland
Tearfund – UK

Transform Aid InternationalAustralia

World Concern - USA
World Relief Canada - Canada
World Relief – USA

World Renew - Canada & USA

The Integral Disaster Relief Process:

Integral Members have developed a collaborative strategy for responding to disasters as Integral, with the Disaster Response Process co-ordinating the emergency activities of its Members. The aim of the Integral DR process is to combine resources to ensure that as many people as possible are reached with the assistance they need.

In disaster situations Integral Members have previously collaborated in:

2014: The Philippines (Typhoon Hagupit), Ebola outbreak in West Africa, South Sudan, CAR, Syria, The Philippines (Typhoon Haiyan), Kenya unrest, Iraq
2013:  Cyclone Mahasen (Bangladesh), North India Flooding (Utterakhand), Syrian Crisis, and Tropical Cyclone Phailin (East India), Typhoon Haiyan (The Philippines)
2012: South Sudan (displacement), Philippines Flooding, Democratic Republic of Congo (displacement)
2011: Cote d’Ivoire, Libya, North Korea, South Sudan, Japan earthquake, Middle East, East Africa food crisis
2010: Haiti earthquake, Sahel food crisis, Indonesia earthquake, Guatemala Hurricane, Pakistan floods
2009: Sri Lanka (internally displaced people), Pakistan floods, Asian disasters
2008:  Kenya Unrest, China Earthquake, Myanmar Cyclone, Democratic Republic of Congo, East Africa Food Crisis, India floods
2007: Bangladesh Floods, Zimbabwe Humanitarian Crisis
2006: Indonesia Earthquake
2004: Indonesia Tsunami, Sri Lanka Tsunami


Integral Vision:

●     Integral’s vision is a world without poverty.

●     Our mission is to work in collaboration as national relief and development agencies committed to maximising the holistic impact of our Christian response to the poor worldwide. Integral’s main focus is on working together when disasters happen, and to find opportunities for our Members to collaborate and so maximise our resources and impact following a disaster.

On Integral Collaboration:

●     Integral’s goal is for all its Members to become more effective and efficient in their work and to see greater impact and reach as a result of working collaboratively. This means making sure that Integral Members share information and play complementary roles with the resources they have available when an emergency happens. The Integral Secretariat plays a co-ordinating role to facilitate better communication between all Members in disaster situations with the aim of increasing support and avoiding duplication.

Integral Contacts:

Fiona Boshoff, Director of Integral

[email protected]


Jan Eyre, Programme and Disaster Management Coordinator

[email protected]


Sarah Larkin, Communication and Marketing Coordinator

[email protected]

[1] The Fourteen Members are: Food for the Hungry (USA), MAP International (USA), Mission Alliance (Norway), Medair (Switzerland), Medical Teams International (USA), SEL (France), Tearfund (Belgium), Tear Netherlands, Tearfund (UK), Transform Aid Australia, World Concern (USA), World Relief Canada, World Renew (USA & Canada), and World Relief (USA).