Integral Responds to the Earthquake in Ecuador

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26th April 2016

Eight Integral Members[1] are responding to the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck northern Ecuador at 6:58 pm local time on 16 April 2016. A further four Members are still considering how they might contribute to this Integral joint disaster response.

MAP International (USA) and Missions Alliance (Norway) have existing work in Ecuador, with their teams already on the ground, and Tearfund (UK) is working with a local partner NGO. Medair (Switzerland) has sent a scoping team to assess damage and establish urgent needs. MAP has shipped $1.5m worth of medical supplies from the USA. Other Integral Members are supporting the operational response with fundraising campaigns and by connecting their networks with Members on the ground.

There are currently over 600 fatalities with this figure expected to rise as rescue teams reach new areas. Over 12,000 people are injured and it is estimated by government and international agencies, 520,000 Ecuadorians were directly affected by this disaster and require food assistance (source here).

Kipp Branch, Senior Partnership Development Officer at MAP International, says, “Our team is on the ground reporting that there is an urgent need for medicines and wound care items. MAP is currently working with field partners and the Integral Alliance to provide medical relief to children and families in the wake of this disaster.”

Jan Eyre, Integral’s Programme and Disaster Management Coordinator, says: “We will continue to facilitate the sharing of information, photos and stories, and host conference calls so that we can keep each other updated about the situation as it evolves. We have Members ready to offer technical expertise, and funding campaigns have already been launched to strengthen the response of our Members on the ground. We are confident that by sharing our resources and strengths in this way we can provide more timely assistance to those who most need it.”

Integral’s website: www.integralalliance.org


Integral Alliance is a WEA affiliate and has served as a global partner to the WEA in the field of relief and development since 2006. Integral contributes to the WEA’s goal of fostering Christian unity around the world through working with its Members on a more integrated and collaborative strategy in disasters.