International Day of Prayer, Fasting and Giving for Kosova

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The Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church


Calls for




January 31st, 2012Int. Day. Prayer

Where is Kosova? 
For those of you who unsure of quite where Kosova is located, have a look at the map below. We are east of Italy and north of Greece, surrounded by Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.
It is believed that the apostle Paul was in the vicinity, as he mentions in Romans 15:19, "So From Jerusalem all the way around to Illyricum I have fully proclaimed the gospel of Christ." Illyricum was located in this area of the world, and Kosovar Albanians trace their roots to the Illyrian people.  You can see where ancient Illyria was located in the map below as well.
Kosova in Europe 


Daniel 9:18-19
"We do not make requests of you because we are righteous, but because of your great mercy. Lord, listen! Lord, forgive! Lord, hear and act! For your sake, my God, do not delay, because your city and your people bear your Name."



Dear Brothers, Sisters, and Partners in prayer,


Throughout the ages God has shown that He is moved by prayer and by genuine, repentant hearts. Our heritage as Christians is rich with a history of a relationship with our God who responds to our prayers.


As Daniel cried out in these verses, calling on God in prayer and fasting, asking for His mercy and blessing, he made a deep observation.  He remembered that the source of answered prayer is always God's mercy, not our own righteousness. James reminds us of the balancing truth that the prayer of a righteous man is effective, but the only reason such prayer is effective is that we have a merciful God. Kosova, is a nation, like any other, which is full of lost people in need of His mercy and salvation.


Again this year on January 31st, we will together turn our hearts Godward, much like Daniel did, in fasting, praying and giving. This is a time to ask call on the Lord to prepare the hearts of people across Kosova to receive Christ, to ask Him to strengthen our faith and give us the courage to share it with friends, family and neighbors. We call on believers all across Kosova and across the world, inviting you to join us in this experience of seeking God's face, His guidance and protection of His church here in this land.


By God's plan, the church truly is the hope of the world, and as Jesus said, no one lights a lamp and puts it under a bowl. The point of the light is to shine. God has put His light in us through His Holy Spirit, therefore please join with us in praying that His light would shine forth majestically and bring honor and glory to HIS name. 

Many of the churches across Kosova have compiled prayer lists with specific requests related to each fellowship. That list of specific requests can be downloaded here to print and share. We would be indebted to you if you would cover in prayer the general matters found below. The general list of prayer requests can be downloaded here  to print and share in your fellowships. May God bless Kosova as together we seek His face. 

General Prayer Guide 
hungry for god

1.   The Spread of the Good News



Pray for a deep and inspiring gratitude for our salvation through Jesus Christ


Pray for a greater sense of urgency in sharing the gospel with friends and family


Pray for more opportunities to share Christ at every level of society


Please pray for boldness, courage and wisdom in how best to articulate the gospel to each individual. A wise man once said "There is only one way to God: Jesus Christ, but in Him, God has as many ways to draw souls to Himself as there are people in the world." Please pray that we would be led by the Spirit in each relationship so as to best share the Good News. 



2.   The Political Scene in Kosova


Pray for the general dissatisfaction and anger that are deeply felt toward the widespread corruption  


Pray for the hearts of Kosova's leaders to be softened to listen and be receptive to God's leading


Pray for peace to exist between the various ethnic groups of Kosova, and for God-orchestrated peace to come to pass between Kosova and Serbia



3.   The Economic Situation



Official statistics for unemployment place it at 42%, however unemployment is believed to be as high as 80%! Pray for job opportunities and peace in the hearts of believers still searching for work.


37% of Kosovo citizens are living at or below the poverty line, with 13% living in extreme poverty (less than 1€ a day). Pray for God's mercy for them and for the church to be a means by which they can experience it.


The majority of the income in Kosova comes from Kosovars living abroad who send money back to their family in Kosova. Pray for economic improvement and that God will provide for the people of Kosova at this time of global crisis.


 Pray that the rampant corruption would be seen as a symptom of human brokenness and our need for God, and that such corruption would be torn down by the power of God. 


Opportunities for Giving

 We invite you to fast and to pray about the matters mentioned above. Also, as this is a day of giving, we invite you to give financially as the Lord leads you. Any offerings you choose to give can be directed to the KPEC bank account and will be used to cover the financial needs of the organization as we work on behalf of the churches across the country.


KPEC has two staff members who carry the full load of the work and ministry of KPEC. Naile and Lule are employed in faith; we believe that we will be able to support them, as they support the work of our organization, thanks for you. For more information about these ladies, their ministries and their needs, click here. 
We ask that you would please direct your gifts to the KPEC bank account below. Also, you can contact us for more information about how to give to KPEC if you reside outside Kosova.

 Bank info:


Kisha Protestante Ungjillore e Kosovës

ProCredit Bank Acct# 1110-2762-8900-0161

Church Specific Prayer Requests 


Thank you again for your faithfulness in prayer over the years. Many of you have held Kosova up in prayer for over a decade; some of you have been spiritually committed to blessing this land with your prayers for a shorter time, but all of you contribute to the work God is doing here, and we are grateful. Please continue to storm the gates with your prayers; we know many plant, many water, but it is God's power that brings growth. 
Several churches have submitted various additional prayer needs specific to their congregations. As mentioned before, you can click here to download  a printable document of specific prayer requests for sharing with those who would join us in praying for these churches.