International Youth Day: The global church takes up the challenge to reach this generation for Christ

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These are days of unprecedented challenges and opportunities for the global church to serve young people with the love of Christ. In recognition of this overthe past three years a strategic partnership has begun taking shape between a wide range of global and regional youth ministries relating and working together as part of the World Evangelical Alliance family. The Global Youth Movement is shaped by Geordan Rendle, President of Youth For Christ International, Paul Walker, European Director of One Hope and Heath Adamson Chair of the World Assemblies of God Next Gen Initiative, and coordinated by Colin and Melissa Piper on behalf of the World Evangelical Alliance. Together we believe in:

  • The essential need for strategic relationships and partnership at the highest possible level

  • The focus of this partnership on serving regional vision devised, owned and led by regional leaders

  • The focus of this regional vision on supporting innovative, fruitful grassroots local church youth ministry, in a quantifiable, accountable and reproducible manner.

Since 2012, strategic gatherings have been convened across the globe to develop innovative and fruitful grassroots practical partnerships. These culminated in a global practitioners gathering at the end of last year called Converge. December 1st-4th this year, Converge II will gather about 100 strategic leaders from the various regions of the world  to evaluate and celebrate the fruitfulness of their partnerships and think and pray through and plan more practical and innovative projects through 2016.

"Never has the task of reaching and discipling global youth for Christ seemed so overwhelming and yet so possible. Individually our ministries, movements and denominations can do great things. Together,  we can do even more than any of us singly can dare to believe or imagine," says Colin Piper, Executive Director of WEA Youth Comission, "As leaders of global youth movements we commit ourselves to partnership, strategically, prayerfully and sacrificially, to see this generation reached for Christ’s glory."

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