Italian Evangelical Alliance: Christian Organizations Gathering at the G8 Meetings

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In Italy, under the auspices of the Micah Challenge, Italian Evangelical Alliance and Coevema will organize a meeting with all the Christian organizations presented at L’Aquila.

At L’Aquila, the city of the tragic earthquake, where the G8 will shortly be hosted, Italian Evangelical Alliance (IEA) and Coevema will hold a public meeting on 7th July 2009 - at 3.45 pm – Conference Hall ANCE ,  Via Alcide De Gasperi, 60  L'Aquila -  to present the commitment of Italian Evangelicals to the project of re-building and working for the good of the nation.

Is there hope after such a terrible earthquake?  What does re-building   involve, once so much has been destroyed?  What opportunities and challenges arise, once pretty much everything has been shaken? There is also an awareness the G8 will address questions of global order, by discussing ways to overcome the economic crisis, issues of justice, protecting the disadvantaged, caring for the environment. Committed as they are to integrity and justice,  rooted in holistic Christian mission, IEA and Coevema are glad to encourage a contextualized reflection on the issues.

The collaboration between Coevema and the Italian Evangelical Alliance is not new. On the 20th June 09, another important public conference: they invited Joel Edwards, international director of Micah Challenge, to speak near the site of the tragic earthquake on the theme, "Beyond the Emergency: A Global Prospective for Change".  

Commenting on his visit to Italy, Joel Edwards said: "It’s fitting that the G8 should take place not in some remote and expensive venue insulated from the pain of the people but right on the doorstep of the devastation of L'Aquila. I salute the Christians in Pescara and particularly the work of Italian Evangelical Alliance, Micah Challenge and especially Coevema who have responded to the disaster to show God's care for their own people.  Many Christian organizations will visit briefly during the G8.  Perhaps their greatest work will be to affirm the courage and involvement of the local Christians who will be on the scene when we have all returned home."

Coevema (www.coevema.org)  is an interdenominational evangelical agency that works within the tent-camps, assisting victims and modelling both compassion and a passion for justice. The Italian Evangelical Alliance, a body seeking to build fellowship and partnership across Italian evangelicals, has been working in close cooperation with Coevema from the beginning, including organizing a national collection to help with this ministry.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Leonardo De Chirico
Vice President
(+39) 333 8558174
Alleanza Evangelica Italiana
Vicolo S. Agata 20
00153 Roma
www.alleanzaevangelica.org[email protected]