Kenya – Nairobi bombed as Kenyan troops march through Somalia

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Kenya - Nairobi bombed as Kenyan troops march through Somalia

Early on Monday, 24 October a grenade attack wounded 14 people in Nairobi. The attack comes one week after the entry last Sunday of Kenyan troops onto Somali soil.
In a joint operation with forces from the Transitional Federal Government (TFG), the Western-recognised but practically toothless government of Somali, they are marching through the south of Somalia to Afmadow and Kismayu, two strongholds of Al-Shabaab. On Saturday, according to the Kenyan military, a French gunship bombarded a town south of Kismayu, and on Sunday a Kenyan fighter jet bombed two targets near Kismayu. Kenyan and TFG forces are getting ready for a major battle in Afmadow. At the same time there is fighting near Mogadishu between African Union (AU) troops and Al-Shabaab, which resulted in the deaths of about 30 Burundian soldiers late last week.

Al-Shabaab is an Islamist group with links to Al Qaeda, and is fighting the TFG for control of Somalia. Kenya has accessed Al-Shabaab of the abductions of four foreigners from Kenya in the last month. One of them, a handicapped French tourist, died last week. Al-Shabaab denies responsibility for the abductions and vowed to retaliate for the Kenyan incursion by means of terror attacks in Kenya.

On Saturday Mohamed Abdi Godane, one of Al-Shabaab's top leaders, said in a recorded message: "All the Islamic regions of Somalia are getting ready for total war. This will be our reply to the […] Christian invasion of Somalia."

Source: NKC Economists, Western Cape, South Africa

From GDOP Coordinator in Kenya comes the following prayer requests:


· That God will confound this radical Islamic group that believes everyone should be Islamized by force and terror.

· That the Muslims and especially those in Somalia will have their eyes opened to see the love of Jesus Christ and will turn to Him in droves.

· Pray for security of our people and visitors being targeted especially by suicide bombers.