Letter from WEA Chairman on the Tunnicliffe family

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October 1, 2009

Dear friends of the WEA family,

I am writing this letter to all the friends of the WEA family around the world to provide some accurate information on the condition of Jewel, the wife of Geoff Tunnicliffe, our International Director. 

In late August, Jewel experienced significant pain in her abdomen during a visit to her daughter in Africa   Upon return to Canada a series of medical tests were begun. During the course of the testing a rapidly growing mass was discovered. This resulted in surgery and the removal of a very large tumor. Jewel has now been diagnosed with Stage II Ovarian cancer. Pathological tests are now being conducted to determine if there is any further spread of the cancer. Once the results of the pathology are determined, chemotherapy along with other therapies will begin.

This is a great shock to the Tunnicliffe family and all the friends of WEA who know and care for them. We have been praying for Jewel and her family. We do ask all of you to keep them in your continuing prayers for her successful recovery.

We need to lift our earnest prayers together to the Lord, who is faithful in all circumstances, at this time of great challenge to his family. We would appreciate your support in prayer for Jewel. Thank you.

Yours in His service,

Dr. Sang-Bok David Kim,
Chairman, WEA

To receive the most current information for prayer you can read Geoff’s online blog at http://weaceo.blogspot.com