Micah Challenge: Coordinators Update, June 2007

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June 2007 (Issue 3)

Dear Friends,

This Update will be sent bi-monthly and keep you informed about the international campaign developments, plans and events.

Micah Challenge campaigns mark the start of the Blow the halftime whistle campaign

Australia, 16-19 June

Voices for Justice was a huge success. 183 people, aged 13 to 73 from every part of the country, ventured to Canberra; 73 politicians were visited and around 20 came to events in the House; Idea of North sang with brilliance and Bishop Alexis from Rwanda spoke powerfully about the hope Christians can offer; the art for Create to Advocate had a powerful impact in the main exhibition area of Parliament House; 10 local Canberra churches were involved in some way; and 2300 signed postcards which were handed to Mr Greg Hunt. Prayer and polite persistence have helped our voices to be heard!

Canada, June

Micah Challenge Canada paired with Make Poverty History Canada to do a ‘send-off’ for Prime Minister Harper before he left for the G8 meetings. The ‘whistle was blown’ at the event. Further info at http://www.micahchallenge.ca/whistle.htm.

There was also a Micah Challenge Canada conference held in Edmonton 22-23 June that emphasised the Blow the Whistle campaign.

France , Pentecost 2007

Micah Challenge in France mobilised 3500 young people at a Pentecost festival in Valence which was organised by the Evangelical Alliance of France. Micah Challenge France shared about poverty issues and encouraged these young people to raise their voice against poverty. 3000 signed postcards to be sent to the new French President Nicolas Sarkozy together with a letter from MC France.

Germany, 2-3 June

50 'Pilgrims for justice' from the Netherlands, France and Germany came together in Rostock for the international prayer event organised by Micah Challenge Germany and Netherlands. Together with many other Christians the group participated in a service before the big afternoon rally on June 2 that was organised by German Civil Society organisations. As part of the 3 day programme they also had seminars, workshops and times that focused on prayer for the world.

http://www.micha-initiative.de/channel.php?channel=61 (in German)

UK, 2 June

Micah Challenge UK held a worship service in London at the culmination of its ‘Blow the Whistle’ campaign ahead of the G8 Summit. The worshippers then joined the ‘World Can’t Wait’ rally, prayerfully walking to the banks of the Thames, where they joined thousands of others on the ‘World Can’t Wait’ rally.

Please see the picture gallery at http://www.micahchallenge.org.uk/gallery/

USA, June 2007

Micah Challenge was participating at two major events led by Micah Challenge steering group organisations Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC) and Bread for the World. Lawrence Temfwe from Micah Challenge in Zambia was able to present the voice of the African church to participants of both conferences.

§ 7-10 June in Grand Rapids, Michigan: at the Assembly of World Wide Christian Reformed Church Partners a group of diverse people hoped to find a way to unite in a global ministry that would enable the Christian Reformed Church to build meaningful partnerships with churches and organisations around the world and have a lasting impact on the spiritual and physical lives of people in need.

§ 9-12 June in Washington DC: Sowing Seeds: Growing a Movement Gathering where more than 1,500 activists gathered to worship together, forge new relationships, learn from one another, and renew their commitment to ending hunger and poverty.

Peruvian school children send letters to Angela Merkel and the G8

The International Director of the World Evangelical Alliance, Geoff Tunnicliffe has delivered letters, handwritten by children in Peru, to Chancellor Merkel's office. The letters were gathered by Micah Challenge in Peru to remind the German Government that any decisions it and other G8 governments make in Heiligendamm will have a real impact on those at the grassroots level, particularly children who are depending on their help for a future of opportunity rather than poverty.

Statement on G8 outcome

'Outcome for the G8 summit: a 5 out of 10 - particularly on Africa. This is tragically close to failure.… unfulfilled Gleneagles G8 promises will cost millions of lives. Two years after the grand promises of Gleneagles, the true ambivalence of the G8's concern for Africa is becoming apparent. The early success of Gleneagles is being squandered by paltry responses on AIDS, trade and aid.'


BTHW prayer series on way

The Micah Challenge Blow the halftime whistle prayer and study series has linked God’s people globally in prayer and learning throughout the halftime period from Pentecost to 07/07/07.

The materials are available at>> http://www.micahchallenge.org/english/pray/halftime/

37 National Micah Challenge National campaigns by May 2007

25 of the 37 countries where Micah Challenge is consciously represented are in the Global South. Please see the summary report or more details.

Coordinators' meeting in Zambia cancelled until further notice

Further details explaining the reasons for the cancellation will be sent soon. We look forward to discuss possible alternatives with all Micah Challenge National coordinators.

Personnel changes in Micah Challenge National campaigns

We are sorry to say 'goodbye' to Paul Robinson, the coordinator of Micah Challenge in Canada. The newly appointed coordinator, Jocelyn Durston, has already been involved in Micah Challenge activities before her appointment.

We would like to thank Paul for his hard work in developing MC Canada and pray that Jocelyn will enjoy her new role and be able to make a significant contribution to the development of the campaign.

Please send information you'd like us to include in the next update to [email protected]. This update goes out to all Micah Challenge key international contacts.

If you would prefer to not receive these up-dates please send a short email to [email protected].