Micah Challenge: Crucial time to halve global poverty

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December 8, 2009 

Micah Challenge calls churches to join the global campaign of prayer and promise

Churches must make a big impact for justice, as time runs out for governments to make good their promise to see half a billion people released from extreme poverty, says Joel Edwards, in the week of the Copenhagen conference and as Micah Challenge launch their Micah 2010 campaign.   

Micah Challenge is calling on Christians to unite around the globe for a BIG day of prayer and promise on October 10, 2010, to mark ten years since nations promised to get serious about poverty, when they agreed to the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.  

Joel Edwards, Micah Challenge International Director, says: “This is a pivotal moment in our global fight against the extreme poverty which cripples over a billion people in our world and in our time.  

“The world’s attention will be on the two thirds mark towards 2015. And we believe that God’s attention will also be on us for it will be our responsibility to declare God’s heart for the poor.  

“By standing together we will be recommitting ourselves to the pursuit of justice and encouraging action from our world leaders. But you don’t have to be a political expert to be involved.  As long as you believe that God truly cares about this agenda you really should get on board.” 

As the eyes of the world are on world leaders in Copenhagen, Joel Edwards affirms the need for a climate change agreement and reminds the Church that the impact climate change has on vulnerable communities in the global south makes it imperative that efforts are doubled to achieve the goals by 2015.  

He added: “Failure to secure a global agreement to help these communities adapt to their changing climates will result in unspeakable global injustice, as it will be those who don’t contribute to global warming who will be forced to suffer because of the lifestyles of those who do.” 

In addition to global prayer, Micah 2010 involves a BIG promise to speak and act with the poor. As a sign of their promise, young and old alike will make a handprint that will be handed over to 1000 political leaders in many nations to remind governments of their part in the promises and that only five years remain to make the promises reality.  

The Anglican Communion is one of many international bodies who will be supporting Micah 2010.  

The Archbishop of Canterbury has said, “I am happy to commend the Micah 2010 initiative. We need to open ourselves in prayer to the source of all righteousness so that we may become more faithful and effective ministers of His justice and peace.” 

There are 40 Micah Challenge national campaigns around the world. Micah 2010 wants to engage 100 million Christians next year to see justice, mercy and humble faith unite in a powerful way. The Micah 2010 campaign is being launched this week with a new website and two key supporter events in order to begin galvanising support in the run up to the events next year.  

For more details see www.micahchallenge.org 

Media enquiries:         
Lucy Cooper / Amanda Jackson
Micah Challenge press contacts
020 7207 2107 / 07545351956
[email protected] / [email protected] 

Micah Challenge was launched in 2004 by two global bodies – Micah Network of over 300 relief and development bodies and the World Evangelical Alliance which represents 420 million Christians- to be a voice of Christian advocacy against extreme poverty. 

Micah 2010 is backed by a wide number of Christian organisations such as Youth for Christ Europe and North Africa, Urban Saints, Assemblies of God UK, 24-7 Prayer, Scripture Union International, Hispanic Church USA, New Testament Church of God, Redeemed Christian Church, Tearfund, CompassionArt, CWR, Kingsway Publishing, Christian Aid and Lausanne.