Micah Challenge Halftime! Update

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Micah Challenge Halftime! Update

Number 4, March 19, 2007

UK launches ‘Blow the whistle’

  • ‘Blow the Whistle’ officially launched on Thursday 15 March with a press launch to Christian media. On the panel were Charles Badenoch, Chief Executive of World Vision; Joel Edwards , Executive Director of the Evangelical Alliance; Matthew Frost , Chief Executive of Tearfund and Rudo Kwaramba, former head of World Vision Zimbabwe. Read the press release here

  • The launch followed an open letter sent from Micah Challenge UK to Prime Minister Tony Blair on March 7. The letter introduced the ‘Blow the whistle’ campaign and invited Mr Blair to meet with senior church figures in the UK ahead of the G8 in June.

  • The UK ’s Micah Challenge postcard action to the Prime Minister will continue until June 2.

  • May 20 is ‘Blow the whistle Sunday’ and will provide the opportunity for churches to actively engage in Micah Challenge and focus on the MDGs, poverty and justice. Ideas are also developing for resources for the three preceding Sundays to cover the themes of Justice, Mercy and Humility aimed at church leaders wanting to create a series on Micah.

  • On June 2 Micah Challenge supporters will take part in GCAP’s ‘Your Voice against Poverty’ rally in central London with a large church event being held beforehand in the Methodist Central Hall.

BTHW prayer in churches across the Netherlands

  • Churches will take part in eight weeks of prayer starting on May 20. Each Sunday focusing on one MDG. Churches will receive a list of the MDGs, prayer points and an example of a country/village/project. The prayer campaign is being well received by the main churches and is being communicated by Micha Campagne through direct mail, press and various articles in newspapers and magazines.

  • A youth trip to Rostock, Germany is also being planned. Up to 150, 18+ young people aim to travel to Rostock to pray for the G8. This will take place during the weekend before the G8 meets and aims to line up with other national campaign initiatives in Germany, France and Switzerland .

    The trip is being organised as a joint effort between World Servants, Tear, and Time to Turn (Speak Netherlands ). They will be running a website at g8.michacampagne.nl

Andean Region

  • In Peru GCAP has given responsibility for coordinating all campaigning actions around 07/07/07 to Desafío Miqueas (Micah Challenge)!

  • In Argentina, Micah Challenge is partnering with evangelical agency Fundación Kairós, which carries out a range of ministries including community initiatives and theological education, to plan activities around the time of the G8 and 07/07/07.

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