Micah Challenge International: Christians in 25 nations to challenge 1000 political leaders over poverty promises

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October 19, 2010

1000 political leaders are being encouraged to take vital action over Millennium promises to halve extreme global poverty through advocacy meetings following the success of Micah Challenge’s 10.10.10 campaign, arguably the largest prayer and advocacy commitment ever undertaken by Christians.

Millions of promises ‘remembering the poor’ hand printed on cloth, signs and petitions on 10.10.10 will be delivered to policy makers globally after an estimated 60 million Christians in 70 nations prayed the same words of a prayer, corresponding with Millennium Development Goal (MDG) targets. 

30,000 people took part in 5 signature events, in Sydney, Chennai, London, Lusaka and Guayaquil, showing how churches around the globe are united in their desire to see poverty eradicated with passion. Videos can be viewed by clicking here. 

Despite the recent State of Emergency in Ecuador, 10,000 Christians marched down Guayaquil’s main street promoting poverty justice. Abby Anderson from Micah Challenge (MC) Ecuador said: “It was very powerful to see thousands of citizens with their hands raised in prayer.” 

Police and politicians joined 5,000 people at an open-air worship concert in Chennai, India. Many raised their hands in support of children living in poverty. A memorandum asking the government to fulfill its promises was submitted. Kuki Rokhum from MC India said “Thousands of Christians all across the country observed 10.10.10 in hundreds of churches. Reports are still pouring in… we hope that this will launch the movement to greater heights.” 

82,599 Malawians participated in 10.10.10, and one MP, the Hon G Kamanya has promised to taken action after being taken to a health clinic to see its inadequate facilities firsthand. "Lloyd Mtalimanja from MC Malawi said: “Members of the community were afforded the rare chance of speaking to their MP on issues of concern... I cannot hide my excitement." 

In Malaysia, the MP for Klang joined 30 disadvantaged families as guests of honour at a 10.10.10 church service. Food supplies were given out and the MP committed to arrange a ministerial meeting over poverty concerns.

Meanwhile in the UK, MP Andrew George was presented with 10,000 handprints made by 6 churches in Penzance. 

International Director of MC International, Joel Edwards, said: “Political meetings like these will be repeated across nations over the coming months to demonstrate that Christians will not allow the MDG promises to be forgotten or diluted.”  

To arrange an interview, please contact Communications Coordinator, Theresa Malinowska, at [email protected] call +44 (0)78 142 09442 or contact Campaigns Coordinator, Amanda Jackson on [email protected]  call + 44 (0)207 367 6571. www.micah2010.org

Notes to Editors:

More global stories can be read by clicking here, and a global photo gallery is available here.

Churches can register their involvement in 10.10.10 by clicking here.

Micah 2010 is backed by a number of Christian organizations such as Youth for Christ Europe and North Africa, Urban Saints, Assemblies of God UK, 24-7 Prayer, Scripture Union International, Hispanic Church USA, New Testament of God, Redeemed Christian Church, Tearfund, Compassion Art, CWR, Kingsway Publishing, Christian Aid and Lausanne. Micah Challenge was launched in 2004 by two global bodies – Micah network of over 300 relief and development bodies and the World Evangelical Alliance who represents 420 million Christians – to be a voice of Christian advocacy against extreme poverty.  

Internationally renowned worship leader, Martin Smith has contributed a theme song for the Micah 2010 campaign called ‘You have shown us.’ To watch and listen, please click here. ‘You have shown us’ is part of an album of worship focusing on justice, mercy and humility, available from Kingsway. A set of Bible Studies called ‘Just Mercy’ written by Micah Challenge’s International Director, Joel Edwards, has also been written to accompany the journey of faith many Churches will be embarking on, together with a set of essays on the Churches responsibility to the global poor; ‘Micah’s Challenge.’