Micah Challenge Prayer and Reflection, May 11, 2007

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Welcome! We hope you will enjoy using these reflections with us!


This week's reflection developed through daily bible meditations on Psalms 80-100 by Rev Geoffrey Washiali from the Navigators in .

'These thoughts came as I was wrestling with two cases of injustice on which the LORD was challenging me to take a stand.

One of the cases came through a Bible study programme which I run with ex-inmates. They struggle about issues in their past and have a deep desire for opportunities to make a positive impact in society. Unfortunately our government hasn't taken the issue of rehabilitation seriously.

I am reflecting on the questions "Is the Gospel I am advancing holistically transformational?" and "What would the righteous do?"'

Please meditate on the suggested bible references from Psalm 11:3 and 89:14.


Let us pray:

- Let us give thanks for God's word that is able to challenge and direct us towards righteousness and justice.

- For the Micah Challenge National campaigns in various African, Latin American and non-G8 countries as they plan and organise Blow the halftime whistle activities on 07/07/07.

- Looking at the statistic below: let us pray for women in crisis situations; especially in Darfur and other war-torn areas in this world.

Meditate on the Statistics

As you spend time in prayer and reflection, you may like to take a moment to silently understand with your heart the focus statistic we include each week (see below). Our hope is that you will find this series of statistics a useful resource in preparing presentations.

Goal 5: Improve maternal health

Target 6: Reduce by three-quarters, between 1990 and 2015, the number of women who die giving birth

'In a crisis or refugee situation, one in five women of childbearing age is likely to be pregnant. Conflicts and natural disasters put these women and their babies at risk because of the sudden loss of medical support, compounded in many cases by trauma, malnutrition or disease, and exposure to violence.'

Source: UNFPA, 2007


Yours in Christ,

Regine and Michael

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