Micah Challenge Prayer, March 2, 2007

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Welcome! We hope you will enjoy using these reflections with us!


2007 is a Sabbath Year and therefore a good time to review (and renew) the social justice ethic of the church, says Rose Marie Berger in the attached reflection.

Quoting Brazilian Archbishop Hlder Cmara, When I feed the poor, they call me a saint; when I ask why they are poor, they call me a communist; she examines the difference between social charity and social justice.

Please reflect on Leviticus 25 where God commands Moses to celebrate a year of Jubilee.

Amidst the detailed socio-economic guidelines, it is made clear that the people of Israel are to keep these because God has brought them out of Egypt and as a sign that they fear Him.


Let us pray:

For ourselves and our church that we will fear God in all apects of our lives.

For Micah Challenge (Defi Michee) in France:

Thierry Seewald, the French coordinator writes:

'We have recently sent an open letter to the French presidential election candidates to remind them about the MDGs and extreme poverty. We also posed four questions to them relating to global trade, debts and the MDGs. A copy has also been sent to the media. A copy of their answers will be published before the election.'

Please pray that:

o the letter helps to bring global trade rules to the attention of French voters

o French media will pick the letter up in a positive manner

o Christians will consider the candidates answers and vote responsibily

On the 23-24 March, MC France is organising a conference at the evangelical theological university of Vaux-sur-Seine (near Paris). The topic is 'Poverty: biblical and theological foundations for Christian action'. The contributions will be published in a book following the conference.

o Please pray for good attendance and that the teaching will impact the thinking and actions of French evangelical Christians.

Meditate on the Statistics

As you spend time in prayer and reflection, you may like to take a moment to silently understand with your heart the focus statistic we include each week (see below). Our hope is that you will find this series of statistics a useful resource in preparing presentations.

Goal 2: Ensure access to primary schooling for all children

Target 3: Ensure that, by 2015, children everywhere, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling

'Child labour constitutes a key obstacle to achieving universal primary education and other Millennium Development Goals in Cambodia�.

About 16 percent of children are already economically active at age six years, and over half of all children are economically active by the age of 10 years. By the age of 15, the share of children working in economic activity surpasses that of children attending school.'

Source: Understanding Children's Work in Cambodia, UNICEF, ILO, Worldbank, December 2006

You can view all the statistics we�ve used to date in our Friday Prayer Series here

Yours in Christ,

Regine, Jill and Michael

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