Micah Challenge Prayer & Reflection, April 11, 2008

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Thank you for sharing and praying with the worldwide Micah Challenge community. We hope this email is challenging, inspiring and spurs us on!


Why should Christians care for the environment? Because it reveals God’s character and inspires us to worship, say Marika Rose and Jason Fletcher from the Jubilee Centre in the UK.

‘The created world is God’s masterpiece: He crafted it to reflect his character; He continually sustains it and works for its fruitfulness and abundance. God’s attitude to creation indicates that it is precious and wonderful independent of any utility it possesses for us. To love God and to be like Him is to care for the things that He cares for. This alone ought to be enough to motivate us to take responsibility for the world around us.’

Throughout the Bible, God is depicted as intimately involved with sustaining his creation at every moment. In Psalm 65 we see a picture of God lavishing his goodness on his creation; and the response from the earth is one of praise.


Let us pray:

That we can be ‘agents of God’s redemptive activity’ and be good news to people and creation.

Our prayer focus today is for three countries that continue to be troubled by an unstable political situation. We want to stand together with our brothers and sisters in Christ and support them as they seek to be salt and light in the midst of difficult situations.

Micah Challenge Haiti coordinator asks for prayer:

‘Please pray for Haiti as in the last two days our country faced a difficult situation. The population in many cities has gone to the streets asking the government to do something regarding the high food prices and cost of living. The demonstrations have turned to violence so far 5 people have been killed.

· Please pray that God might intervene in this situation and that the government might take proper actions to bring public peace.

· Pray that the church will know how to respond to such a situation and be faithful to its calling to be salt and light in the world.’

We want to continue to pray for the increasingly tense situation in Zimbabwe

· Please pray for the emergency SADC meeting on Saturday on the Zimbabwean presidential poll delay.

· That there will be a peaceful end to the political and economical turmoil in the country.

The situation in Kenya threatens to deteriorate after a break down in talks after the agreement reached between the president and the opposition leader.

Sophie Nyokabi from the Evangelical Fellowship of Kenya writes:

‘We are well despite the uncertainty that hangs over our heads as a result of the implementation of the power sharing deal agreed upon by our political leaders. Each day we pray that today may be the day when they iron out things once and for all, to put an end to the suffering by hundreds of people stuck in the Internally Displaced People camps. The rest of the militia groups lying low just waiting, then should the deal not favor them they have the option to resort to armed conflict. Please remember us in your prayers!’

Reflecting on the statistic below: Lord, we acknowledge the suffering of your creation, and all the effects the damage of creation brings for us human beings. We pray that we may live wisely and use resources responsibly.

You may want to calculate your carbon footprint online to find out how environmentally friendly our lives are and possibly how you could reduce your carbon footprint.


Meditate on the Statistics

As you spend time in prayer and reflection, you may like to take a moment to silently understand with your heart the focus statistic we include each week (see below). Our hope is that you will find this series of statistics a useful resource in preparing presentations.

Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability
Target 9: Integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programmes and reverse the loss of environmental resources

‘Climate and weather already exert strong influences on health: through deaths in heat waves, and in natural disasters such as floods, as well as influencing patterns of life-threatening vector-borne diseases such as malaria. Continuing climate change will affect, in profoundly adverse ways, some of the most fundamental determinants of health: food, air and water.’

Source: 10 facts on climate change and health, WHO April 2008


Yours in Christ,

Regine and MC team

This email is also available in French and Spanish. Please contact Regine if you, or someone you know, would like to receive one of these versions ([email protected]).