Micah Challenge Prayer & Reflection, Friday 27 June 2008

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Thank you for sharing and praying with the worldwide Micah Challenge community. We hope this email is challenging, inspiring and spurs us on!

Reflection‘In God’s act of creation, at the end of each day when God looked upon what he had created, God saw that it was all good. But the estrangement in relationship between God and humanity, as a result of human disobedience, has brought about universal distress that affected not only humans but also creation.’ Writes Dr. VJ John, from Kolkata, India.

Dr John reflects on the effects of human behavior on climate change and draws on Joel 1: 2-20 where God’s judgment on the people of Israel is expressed through a natural disaster.

‘The accelerated climate change at the global level only testifies to the greed and selfishness of human behavior with no regard for God and fellow creation. Harmful human conduct that originates in utter disregard for God leads ultimately towards a lack of concern for the natural world, the results of which are life styles and living patterns that not only propels climatic change but also disturbs the entire ecological system. This should challenge us as Christians to wake up and act now before it is too late.’


Let us pray:

  • Dr John encourages us 'to pray for those with powers of decision making at government levels and others, for wisdom and commitment to ecologically viable planning and projects. Pray for governments and NGOs working towards ecologically friendly developments and life styles.’
  • For Micah Challenge Switzerland.

    The campaign joined forces with Swiss Civil Society Network ‘Together against Poverty’ to lobby the Swiss parliament for an increase of Swiss ODA (Overseas Development assistance) to 0.7% of the national income. At the moment Switzerland only gives 0.39%, this has fallen
    from 0.44% in 2006. Despite over 200,000 signatures that were presented to the Swiss ‘National Rat’ it refused to increase ODA.

    Please pray for:
    • the further round of discussions on the topic in September by the Swiss National Council which could overrule the decision by the ‘National Rat’.
    • Micah Challenge Switzerland and the wider Civil Society Network to not loose heart and to develop a good lobbying strategy for the next round.
  • Reflecting on the statistic below: we pray particularly for any negotiations that take place prior to the G8 in Japan early July where Climate Change is likely to be discussed. We pray that the discussions will end with legally binding specific short- and long-term targets to cut emissions.

Meditate on the Statistics

As you spend time in prayer and reflection, you may like to take a moment to silently understand with your heart the focus statistic we include each week (see below). Our hope is that you will find this series of statistics a useful resource in preparing presentations.

Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability

Target 9: Integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programmes and reverse the loss of environmental resources

‘Heavier dependence on natural resources and agriculture and lack of development render poor countries more vulnerable to the impact of climate change and less able to adapt. These include impacts on agriculture and human health, and the effects of sea level rise and extreme weather events. Estimates of the impact of global warming through 2080 based on non-mitigation scenarios show developing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and parts of Latin America, which are home to 1 billion of the world’s poorest people, suffering the largest losses in agricultural output, ranging from 15–60 percent.’

: Global Monitoring Report 2008, IMF and Worldbank, 2008

Yours in Christ,

Regine and MC team

Please view all the Friday Prayer statistics we’ve used to date at Index of Millennium Development Goal Statistics.xls

Please see Index of Reflections on Integral Mission.xls

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