Micah Challenge Preamble and Resolution on MDGs – WEA GA October 2008

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 Preamble:In the year 2000 the world’s governments committed themselves to cutting global poverty in half by 2015.  Further, both wealthy and less developed countries pledged to do what was necessary to achieve a set of eight measurable Millennium Development Goals that would fight endemic disease and the spread of HIV, malaria and TB, give every child the opportunity for basic education, drastically cut death rates in childbirth and improve the health of mothers, urgently address the water and sanitation crisis, reduce the unbearably high rate of infant deaths, struggle for the equal rights of women, and work to care for the earth, including tackling climate change.  The eighth goal commits all of us, nations, corporations, churches and civil society, to create an enduring global partnership for development. The WEA recognized in these goals an echo of the mind of the biblical prophets and the teachings of Jesus concerning the poor.  In the spirit of Integral Mission, the WEA in 2004 joined with the Micah Network to create the Micah Challenge, a global Christian movement to deepen Christian commitment to the poor and hold political leaders accountable to keep the promises they have so rightly made to do justice, eradicate unnecessary suffering, and offer opportunities for those made in God’s image to thrive and His creation to be respected. On the occasion of its General Assembly of 2008, compelled by the Gospel’s unequivocal call to Love and Justice, the World Evangelical Alliance, reaffirms its commitment to stand in community and solidarity with all who suffer poverty and oppression, and with a groaning creation.   We note with hope some progress in primary education, malaria eradication, and on the HIV front.  However, halfway to 2015, we are deeply distressed by the lack of significant progress in achieving the MDGs.   In coping with the financial crisis of 2008, Governments and International Institutions have shown how quickly and effectively they can move to mobilize massive resources in the face of serious threats to our global, common economic well being.  Yet one child dying of preventable causes every three seconds and 2.7 billion people barely sustained on an income of less than two dollars per day has yet to evoke a similar level of urgent response.  We believe this to be an affront to God, a shame to governments and civil society, and a massive challenge to the witness and mission of the followers of Christ. Resolution:The WEA therefore calls on governments around the world to significantly scale up their efforts to achieve the MDGs and to see the on-going crisis of global poverty as one of the most critical threats to peace and our common well-being.  In order to meet the challenge to the witness and integral mission of the WEA, we call on our national alliances, associations, fellowships, denominations, and commissions to plan specific, supportive, and collaborative action in nations where Micah Challenge campaigns already exist, and to help develop Micah Challenge campaigns where none yet exist.   Finally, we pledge to work and pray for an awakening of the Church to its task and potential as a truly global body of Christ.   In His Grace:“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us.”  Ephesians 3:20