Micah Challenge Update, April 2007 (Issue 2)

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Dear Friends,

This Update will be sent bi-monthly and keep you informed about the international campaign developments, plans and events.


Micah Challenge International Council member Fidelis Wainaina in Canada

On invitation from Micah Challenge , Fidelis Wainaina from Kisumu, was able to speak at several churches and Universities to make the voice of African farmers heard.

She was also a witness before the Commons Standing Committee on Foreign affairs and International Aid. The members were extremely responsive to her and as a very direct result of her testimony there was a motion agreed unanimously at the Committee on February 13, 2007, "That the Committee recommend to the Government that the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) establish agriculture as a priority sector using the strategies and policies developed in the CIDA policy document entitled “Promoting Sustainable Rural Development” focusing on sustainability and the reduction of poverty and hunger."

Her interview on the TV program ListenUp can be seen at http://www.listenuptv.com/programs/070218africagreen.shtml


Micah Challenge receives Millennium Campaign Award

MC Malawi received a certificate of recognition for their role in the country’s ‘Stand Up’ at the World Social Forum in Nairobi in March 2007 - a staggering 1,300,000 churchgoers stood up against poverty.

For more information on MC Malawi, please see http://www.micahchallenge.org/article.aspx?menuId=719


Wilberforce biography released by Micah Challenge Italy

Micah Challenge released an Italian version of John Piper's biography on William Wilberforce. Both the preface and appendix of the book are written with a view to promoting Micah Challenge and focus on the halfway point of the Millennium Development Goals.


Blow the halftime Whistle 2007

Please refer to the Blow the halftime whistle calendar for the most recent update.


Next Coordinators meeting in Zambia

The next Micah Challenge Coordinators Consultation will take place in Ndola, August 25 - September 2, 2007. The aim of the consultation is to make the statements below a reality:

- In Micah Challenge the Body of Christ is finding its voice as national constituencies for impoverished and marginalised people.

By the end of 2010, Christians worldwide will know the Millennium Development Goals, and value them as a compact between rich and poor that echoes the words of the prophets and teachings of Jesus, so much so that they would react with anger if their political leaders were not demonstrating a determination to achieve the goals.

We warmly invite the Coordinator of each National campaign to participate. Please get in touch with Regine if you have any further questions.

MC Zambia website online

We are please to announce that the new Micah Challenge website went online at the end of February. Please have a browse through at


End of Jill Howard 's contract

The Website and Communications position within the International Secretariat that was filled by Jill Howard had to be discontinued due to financial and strategic priorities. Jill has taken up a new position within Tearfund .

We are hoping to recruit a volunteer who can take on general website coordination issues; until further notice please contact Michael Smitheram with any website or communications queries.


Personnel changes in Micah Challenge National campaigns

We are sorry to say 'goodbye' to Abhishek Gier, the coordinator of Micah Challenge in, and to Charles Gwengwe, the coordinator of Micah Challenge in.

We would like to thank both of them for their hard work in their national campaigns and their valued contribution at international level and wish them God's peace for their future work.

For queries relating to MC India, please contact interim CB Samuel.


New National campaigns news

- A successful Exploration meeting took place in Johannesburg in February. Please contact the facilitator of MC South Africa, Moss Nthla, for further information.

- The Evangelical Fellowship of Botswana hosted a workshop on Micah Challenge in March and the participants wholeheartedly decided to begin the formation of a Micah Challenge campaign. The key contact is Owen Isaacs.

- A
fter various meetings where Micah Challenge was introduced to key Christian organisations and churches, an interim steering group has been formed. MC Burkina Faso is planning to launch on 07/07/07. Please contact Ines Lompo for further details.

Please send information you'd like us to include in the next update to
[email protected]. This update goes out to all Micah Challenge key international contacts.

If you would prefer to not receive these up-dates please send a short email to [email protected].