Micah Challenge Update, March 2008

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Dear Friends,

This Update is sent bi-monthly and keeps you informed about the international
campaign developments, plans and events.


Micah Challenge Haiti hosts Integral Mission seminar for theological educators

MC Haiti brought together 54 participants from different denominations,
organizations, Christian media and Civil Society organizations to learn and
discuss how theological institutions can implement Integral Mission issues and
the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in their curriculum. At the end of the
seminar, a platform of the different theological institutions was organized to
encourage dialogue between the institutions to work on the integration of
Integral Mission into the different curriculums and to encourage these
institutions to work together.


'Operation color crayons' in France

For Micah Sunday 2007, Micah Challenge France mobilized Sunday school children
to send boxes of color crayons to Members of Parliament to remind them about
the MDGs, particulary focusing on MDG 2 (Primary Education). Altogether 577
boxes were sent and several MPs have consequently posed questions to the
French government.

For more information please click here (in French).


MC National campaigns record!

By the end of 2007, 94,689 Australians have signed the Micah Call. Well done
Micah Challenge Australia!

Please click here for a link to the toolkit.


MC Zambia produces toolkit for District committees

The toolkit aims to provide guidelines for the forming of Micah Challenge
committees in various districts in Zambia. It gives detailed information on
the state of the MDGs in Zambia broken down in the country's districts and
challenges churches to mobilize for specific advocacy issues.


MC US requests a meeting with President Bush to discuss the debt cancellation

The Micah Challenge USA steering group has written a letter to President Bush
requesting a meeting with him on debt cancellation legislation.

The campaign has also mobilized students who wrote 100 letters to congress on
the Global poverty Act and aid. In addition, 10 Micah Challenge steering
committee members signed a letter that went to all senators asking for their
co-sponsorship of this legislation. If passed, the Senate Global Poverty Act
would greatly deepen the United States' commitment to meeting the Millennium
Development Goals through establishing a strategy to make progress on the


Petition 0.7% plus in Switzerland

Micah Challenge Switzerland is mobilizing their government to increase their
overseas aid spending to at least 0.7%. So far, the French speaking part of
the campaign has been able to mobilize 400 Christians to sign the petition.

For more info on the petition please see www.stoppauvrete2015.ch (French) or
www.stoparmut2015.ch (German).


MC Malawi scaling up grassroots mobilisation

MC Malawi focused in their campaign actions in 2007 strongly on Central Region
where they mobilized 148 rural congregations and through them over 16,000
Christians. In 2008 they are now planning to do the same exercise in South &
Central Regions of Malawi. They are keen to build support for the campaign at
the grassroots and use these visits as preparatory visits for planned
engagements with local and national political leaders.


MC Canada mobilizes local churches

After Stand up Speak out 2007 which MC Canada combined with mobilizing
churches to write letters to their MPs, there was a significant increase in
interest in Micah Challenge at a local level. Numerous churches from across
the country report the start of Micah Challenge initiatives. A high level of
activity is taking place in Alberta through Kings University College in
Edmonton, through a local congregation member in Edmonton (who initiated her
own MC conference last summer!) and through numerous initiatives in Calgary
due to Alberta mobilizer Randy Easthouse.


Micah Challenge success stories

Does Micah Challenge make a difference to people living in poverty? We have
written up three short case stories from MC campaigns in Zambia, Peru and
Australia to illustrate the impact that advocacy makes. Click here to view the case stories.


Mobilization plan 2008

The Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) has released their Mobilisation plan for 2008.

Please mark the following two important dates in your calendar as they will be
the Micah Challenge International focus in 2008:

a.. 25 September 2008: UN Heads of State Summit with a strong focus on the MDG
b.. 13-19 October 2008: Global Week of Action against Poverty; ending with
Stand up 2008 (17-19 Oct) and Micah Sunday (19 Oct).


International website promo

Please note significant up-dates on the MC international website.

'Think it' provides links to reading guides on integral mission and up-date news on MDG progress and achievements. Please note particularly a powerpoint presentation featuring MDG achievements or click here.

'Tell it' is regularly up-dated with news from Micah Challenge campaigns around the world.

'Do it' offers ways of getting involved and features a regularly up-dated event calendar.

Thank you to MC International volunteers Sophie Roden and Michael Smitheram for all their work on this!


Latin American Coordinators meeting

The Micah Challenge Latin American and Caribbean Coordinators meeting will
take place 18-20 April in Peru.

The meeting will be followed by the Micah Network consultation on Integral
Mission in Lima from 22-26 April 2008.


African coordinators meeting postponed

The Micah Challenge African coordinators meeting had to be postponed; the new
date will be circulated as soon as it is available.


WEA General Assembly 2008

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) warmly invites Micah Challenge coordinators to attend the General Assembly 25-20 October in Pattaya, Thailand. Please click here to download an application form.


MC international contacts list

Please view and save the up-dated Micah Challenge international contacts list.
This way you will always have the correct information from each MC National


Please send information you'd like us to include in the next update to
[email protected]. This update goes out to all Micah Challenge
key international contacts.