Micah Network Prayer Focus – October 14, 2011

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·         Jesus Is Lord
·         Micah Sunday - 16th October
·         Revolution...
·         Scripture Union - Zimbabwe
·         Liberia Elections


Jesus Is Lord

So I want you to know that no one speaking by the Spirit of God will curse Jesus, and no one can say Jesus is Lord, except by the Holy Spirit.  (1 Corinthians 12:3)

Jesus if Lord – lyrics by Keith Green

Jesus is lord of all, Jesus is lord of all,
No sin is too big, no problem too small,
Jesus is lord of all.

Jesus is king of kings, my lord is king of kings,
Presidents, princes, paupers will sing,
Jesus is king of kings.

Jesus Christ is lord of all,
King of king of kings and lord of lords.
You know he's lord of all.

Jesus is coming soon, Jesus is coming soon.
Just look in your heart and see if there's room.
Cause Jesus is coming soon.

Jesus Christ is lord of all, yes, yes, yes.
King of kings and lord of lords.
That's all, there is, that all.
My God is lord of all.

Jesus is lord of all, Jesus is lord of all,
No sin is too big, no problem too small,
Jesus is lord of all.

Recognising that Jesus is Lord over all aspects will radically change us in all we do and say. We know that every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. How wonderful if this were to occur more and more each day, starting in our own lives, in our families, communities, churches, organisations and nations.

As we pray through the focus this week let's invite Jesus to be Lord of all.


Micah Sunday - 16th October

Join with others around the world as we focus the travesty of poverty and the promise made by governments to halve extreme poverty by 2015. We need to renew our efforts if raising awareness and in holding governments to account. Pray that:

Micah Challenge campaign would gain momentum and increase its access and impact to those in government.

God will open our eyes to the needs and realities of those trapped in poverty – commit to do your part.

For opportunities to access churches, organisations and colleges so as to mobilise more and more Christians to stand together to reduce poverty



Tunisia: to a large extent this is where the revolution for change in governance started that has impacted North Africa and the Middle East. Pray for:

Tunisia: elections this month – lets pray that God will raise up leaders who are willing to protect their people and bring justice and freedom. Especially pray that the church will have a positive impact in this process.

Egypt: the initial euphoria of expected change is not occurring as people expected. Tensions between Christians and Muslims are increasing. Pray that the church will demonstrate the distinctive love of God at this time and not to turn to revenge and aggression. Pray that God will raise up leaders in the church that can impact a volatile situation and show God's grace and mercy.

Syria: the atrocities and instability continues. Let's stand together and cry out for God's intervention and for justice to be the hallmark of peace.

Libya: so many lives affected - please pray for all those affected that they would know Gods presence and reach out for Him.


Asia Consultation: 17-21 October - Sri Lanka

Please stand with us throughout this week as we gather in Sri Lanka to discuss many important topics together. Please pray specifically for:

Logistics: a number of participants are struggling with visas and flight issues – please pray that obstacles would be removed and all who have applied can attend.

Speakers and facilitators: that God would use these people to speak out His word and touch our lives for Transformation

Participants: please pray that each person will experience God and will grow and develop, be inspired and able to build good relationships with one another.


Scripture Union - Zimbabwe

Currently undergoing a major restructuring process. Please pray for wisdom and insight for all those involved in this process. Especially pray for staff who are affected by the change that God would open doors and give them peace and courage to take the next steps he has for them.


Liberia Elections

Rev Monger asks us to stand with them as they pray for Liberia – he says:
Please pray for my Nation Liberia as we go to our Presidential and General Elections. We fought for fourteen years destroying almost everything we had, we cannot afford to go back to the past, please pray for my Nation.


Brief Points to continue bringing before God:

Integral Mission Conversations in Latin America – please pray for the preparation and impact of the conversations planned throughout November.

Zambia: from the 15th to 17th November we will be holding an integral mission conversation and reconciliation workshop in Lusaka. Please pray for a good attendance, and that lives would be impacted for the Kingdom

To continue to share in these prayer focus, please send your input to:
[email protected] by Thursday each week.