Micah Network Prayer Focus – October 28, 2011

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Micah Network Prayer Focus


·         Floods and Quakes·         Thailand·         Pakistan·         Cambodia·         Central America·         Ireland - Dublin·         Turkey - Earthquake·         Brief Points to continue bringing before God:

Floods and Quakes

October has been an overwhelming month of disasters. This week’s prayer focus seeks to alert us to the vast need and devastation, drawing us together to intercede on their behalf. May I encourage you to prayerful read the reports below and then follow through with the following prayer:

1. Awareness: Lord we look around and see such pain and devastation and cry out to you for mercy and compassion on all who are affected. We pray that you will release resources and people to respond, mobilising your Church to be at the heart of this.

2. Solidarity: Lord we weep with those who are hurting now. We pray that you will draw close to each person and that they may feel and know your love. We pray that we can be your arms and hands to those affected.

3. Repentance: Lord we recognise our responsibility in the devastation we are seeing. We have unthinkingly played a part through not caring for our world, the environment, and the resources that we have exploited. We pray that we will each individually and corporately take seriously our role in caring for this world. We pray for guidance and opportunity to advocate to our governments their responsibility to protect the environment.

4. Justice: Lord we ask that you would reveal corruption and greed that has played its part in the devastation. Those who would remove forests for personal gain, who would negligently build on areas which are known flood plains, who would compromise on building standings for financial gains. Lord we pray that you would convict and convince governments in affected countries to mobilise their resources to help their people. Lord disturb their sleep, their activities until they respond.

5. Protection: Father, each person is your child and we plead your love over each one, rescue and protect Lord, especially we ask your hand on those most vulnerable.

6. Church: Father, you have said that true worship is when we engage in helping those in need and so Lord we ask that you would prompt us and mobilise your church to be true worshipers. We pray for wisdom on how we in Micah Network can play a part in supporting one another to respond more effectively.

7. Kingdom: Lord we know that the signs we see are symptoms of a broken and hurting world – a world you have declared your love for. And so God we commit ourselves to continue to be the fragrance and love of your kingdom here now. We particular want to stand together in prayer for all our family, friends, colleagues, members in the countries below, asking you to strengthen each of them so that they may lead by example and serve those you bring their way.



Thailand is struggling through the words floods in decades where already over 300 have lost their lives and more than a third of Thailand’s provinces are now under water. Dangers increase:

Older people trapped in their homes with no clean water
Food and clean water
hard to access for many thousands of people
– as some prisons have been flooded, prisoners have been moved together causing massive overcrowding and reduced care.
Destruction of livelihoods will leave thousands out of work and with no income.

Adrienne Blomberg, Director of Siam Care, returned from our Asia Regional Consultation to find growing concerns as many friends and colleagues are affected by the flooding. She tells of an interesting conversation she had this week:
This morning, on the back of a motorbike-taxi, I had an interesting conversation with the driver who was very upset with the education system! He told me he always worked hard to get his kids through school, as he hadn't had much education himself,  but look what education had brought the country; floods. It sounds funny but in some way he had a point; he went on to tell me that the country used to be covered with forest for 70%, now all cut down to 20% (while there are qualified people in agriculture and forestry), housing estates are build blocking the water ways (designed by qualified engineers), the beautiful new airport - one of Asia's finest is on low ground and used to be an area where floods were directed too. His bottom line was; corruption. If one has money and the right connections one can cut trees, build anywhere and get away with it. These floods, yes there were very heavy rains and the tide is high but is very much man-made.


The UN recently reported that more than 5 million people are struggling to survive without adequate food, water or shelter due to the recent impact of flooding in Sindh. Aid responses have been slow with limited financial resources being allocated to help those in need.

Why are we so slow to respond to the needs in Pakistan? Many people there feel forgotten.
Recovery from such devastation will take a long time and food and clean water shortages are a daily trial.

Sohail Anwar, Director of Goodwill4development, has shared regularly about the extent of suffering families are experiencing due to the floods. He says:
Flood affected families face difficulties every day simply to survive and keep their families protected from disease cause by the polluted water. Evert day is a challenge for food, water, shelter, rehabilitation of infrastructure.


Massive flooding along the Mekong River in Cambodia has killed over two hundred people – it is the worst flooding for over a decade and thousands of people have been displaced to higher ground, losing everything in the water

Ma Ravuth, Coordinator for EFC, has written to let us know that the churches have managed to mobilise sufficient help to meet the needs of 160 families in the Sombo Meas Commune, Kg Cham Province. He urges us to pray for a greater response from the government and international community.

Central America

Two massive storms have caused flooding in Central America and Mexico’s pacific coast. More than 60,000 people have been made homeless. The storms have triggered mudslides, flooding and destruction. Seriously affected countries:

El Salvador

Rev. Mauricio Pereira Fonseca, from President of CEEN, writes about the serious impact of recent flooding. He writes:

Our country, as a result of heavy rains, needs help dealing with this natural disaster, and that to this day the rains continue. We have exhausted our economic resources and need help. The places most seriously affected are: Chinandega, Esteli, Carazo. Maurscio says that information is coming in constantly from pastors stuck on roof tops and trees. As far as they know there are 17 dead and missing, over 2,000 homes destroyed and 4,200 families seriously affected.

Ireland - Dublin

One month’s rain fell in one day causing flooding throughout Dublin leaving a trail of devastation. Flooding has caused the loss of a number of lives.

The combination of rivers bursting their banks and an unusually high tide has compounded the impact.

Turkey - Earthquake

A strong earthquake of 7.2 shattered buildings near the Turkish city of Van. Rescue operations continue with the death toll above 400 and rising. Temperatures plummet to below freezing at night compounding rescue operations and making it difficult for survivors trapped beneath the rubble.

Brief Points to continue bringing before God:

Integral Mission Conversations in Latin America – please pray for the preparation and impact of the conversations planned throughout November 2011

Zambia: the integral mission conversation and reconciliation workshop from 15th to 17th November 2011. Please pray for preparation, and participants and we plan this gathering.

Christian Community Development (CCD) conference in April 2012 –entitled Partnering for Change

To continue to share in this prayer focus, please send your input to: [email protected] by Thursday each week.