Micah Network Update, July 2009

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Micah Network 4th Triennial Global Consultation on Creation Stewardship & Climate Change

http://community.micahnetwork.org/sites/micahnetwork.org/files/images/MICOGSigning.jpg Micah Network Board members signing the Statement

Over 150 participants representing 38 countries convened in Limuru, Kenya from July 13-18, 2009 for Micah Network’s 4th Triennial Global Consultation on Creation Stewardship and Climate Change.

Two key statements were developed during the participants’ week together:

Micah Network Statement to World Business Leaders - Our Expectations for Copenhagen
Micah Network plans to release this statement to the media ahead of the UN General Assembly on

Climate in late September and circulate copies to key governments involved in the negotiations. We invite Church Leaders, CEOs and Directors of NGOs and para-church groups to sign onto this statement on behalf of their organisations. Please add your name to the statement by responding to Tom Baker at http://[email protected] by 15 September 2009, and also circulate it to your peer organisations in country and beyond, asking them to sign on as well. Please download the statement from this link: http://community.micahnetwork.org/en/events/past-events/global/triennial-global-consultation.

The text of the Declaration includes a foreword by International President of the Micah Network, René Padilla. Please download the statement from the same link above and circulate this amongst your colleagues and peers as well.

Papers from the consultation will soon be posted to the Micah Network website and available for download at the same link.

Micah Network Integral Mission Initiative: Quarterly Update

Reports from the " National Conversations on Integral Mission " hosted over the last six months are now up on the website, together with a number of new case studies. Please go this link to view them: http://community.micahnetwork.org/en/page/integral-mission-initiative

We've just been planning for the next 12 months and will be starting to work with groups in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Francophone Africa, Haiti and the Netherlands, as well as continuing to work with groups in Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Nepal and UK.

If you're working in one of those countries and committed to Integral Mission, please contact your Regional Co-ordinator to find out more and get involved:

At the recent 4th Triennial Global Consultation we met a group called Seeds of New Creation from

El Salvador who have been working in local communities and training church leaders in integral mission over the past few years. We're looking forward to sharing their learning with the wider network and learning from their experiences.

If you have integral mission stories to share we would love to hear from you. In the next six months we will be populating the website with many more case studies and materials to equip and inspire you in your work to promote Integral Mission. If you have a story to share please email Jenny Flannagan (Grove) at http://[email protected] .

Event: Transformational Development Conference – Pennsylvania, USA August 7-9, 2009

Micah Network member, Food for the Hungry will be co-sponsoring the Transformational

Development Conference with Eastern University from August 7-9, 2009. It will be held on Eastern University’s campus at St. Davids, Pennsylvania, United States.

Vision and purpose of the conference:

  • To reshape, realign and reform our ways of development and holistic mission towards transformation in and through Christ
  • To further develop a rigorous school of thought and praxis of Transformational Development

Program for the conference:

  • Panel of respected Plenary Speakers - Dr. Tony Campolo (EAPE), Dr. Rene Padilla (Micah Network, Kairos Foundation), Jaisankar Sarma (World Vision International), Lisa Sharon Harper (NY Faith & Justice), and Benjamin Homan (Food for the Hungry)
  • 40 Workshops based on 8 themes - Theology, Education The Church, Power & Politics, Christian Formation, Partnerships, Organizations, and Measures & Methods
  • Strategic Initiatives & Working Groups
  • Worship through music, prayer and the arts
  • Networking & Exhibits
  • Lunch Roundtables

If you are interested to attend, you may register via the web ( http://www.tdconference.org/ ),

or by phone (480.609.7725) or by email ( http://[email protected] ).

For more information, please contact Esther Hsu, TD Conference Coordinator, at http://[email protected]

Event: ICETE’s 2009 International Consultation – Sopron, Hungary October 5-9, 2009

ICETE International Consultation for Theological Educators on the theme of will take place October 5-9, 2009 in Sopron, Hungary.

The distinguished international evangelical scholars Bishop Hwa Yung of Malaysia, and Professor Henri Blocher of France, will be among principal speakers at the event. For more information on registration, please go to http://www.icete-edu.org/hungary/index.htm.

Registration will remain open until August 31, 2009 but the available accommodation space may run

out well before that date. ICETE is able to guarantee space for all registrations completed by July 31, 2009. Registrations completed after that date will only be confirmed on an “as space is available”.

Resource: Climate Change Related Resources

Climate Prayer News
Micah Network member, A Rocha is now sending a monthly prayer letter relating to climate change issues as part of its Climate Stewards Project. If you would like to receive the prayer letter regularly, please send your request to Brendan Bowles at http://[email protected] . Past issues of the prayer letter can be viewed at http://www.climateprayer.net/ .

Climate Change and Displacement
Forced Migration Review (FMR) is a magazine published three times a year in English, Arabic,

Spanish and French by the Refugee Studies Centre of the Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford. In issue 31 from October 2008, FMR explored the “human consequences of climate change” with 38 articles by UN, academic, international and local actors on the extent of the potential displacement crisis, community adaptation and coping strategies, and the search for solutions. To download the entire issue or single articles, please go to http://www.fmreview.org/climatechange.htm.

Members may be interested to review http://climate-l.org/ which is a knowledgebase of International Climate Change Activities, provided by International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) in cooperation with the United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB) Secretariat.

Resource: When Helping Hurts

The Chalmers Center is pleased to announce the release of the book When Helping Hurts:

How to Alleviate Poverty without Hurting the Poor…and Yourself by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert of the Chalmers Center with a foreword by John Perkins (Moody Publishers).

Churches and individual Christians typically have faulty assumptions about the causes of poverty, resulting in the use of strategies that do considerable harm to poor people and to themselves. The book addresses these assumptions, providing foundational concepts, clearly articulated general principles, and relevant applications. The result is an effective and holistic approach to ministry to the poor, not a truncated gospel.

For more information, please go to http://www.chalmers.org/when-helping-hurts/book.php.

Music: El Camino by Leonardo Alvarez

“This CD project is part of an initiative called “Music for Integral Mission”, that was born out of the vision and mission of the “Del Camino Network for Integral Mission in Latin America”. All of the songs have their own story, taken from the life of the communities and people we have known and learned from along the way. The songs were conceived while living out the integral mission of the local church as a result of our pilgrimage and journey together through the joys and sorrows of our needy Latin America. We invite you to be a part of the dream of the crucified One, who called us to incarnate His love, become bread for the hungry and rest for the tired and weak. Let us walk the road together…” - Leonardo Alvarez

To order a copy of the CD, please download the order form from http://community.micahnetwork.org/en/story/micah-network-cd-worship-and-reflective-music-theme-justice.

Special Prayer Bulletin

On behalf of Micah Network, we extend a hearty thanks to all delegates for an excellent 4th Triennial Global Consultation. All the plenaries, workshops and other meetings were very well received and appreciated. The two statements produced at the consultation were excellent (please download them from the links above):

  • Micah Network Statement to World Business Leaders - Our Expectations for Copenhagen
  • Micah Network Declaration on Creation Stewardship and Climate Change

Please join us in prayer for the following:

  • Pray that the statements developed at the Consultation be effective change agents at the
  • place of power and influence
  • Please pray for the success of the event and that churches become mobilised to speak out about the injustices of climate change
  • Pray that churches show a lead on lifestyle changes and stewardship of the planet’s resources
  • Lots of connections/relationships were established over the week. Pray that they will bear much Kingdom fruit and not get lost in the day to day of the coming weeks
  • The consultation developed a rich biblical basis for involvement by Christians in the work of addressing climate change. Pray that the attendees will be able to give effective voice to what they learned
  • The Africa Regional Network developed a strong sense of purpose. Pray that the difficulties of working in Africa be motivators rather than distracters to the task of working on a common purpose. For the Africa Region:
    • Give thanks to the Africa Coordinating meeting and their meetings in Nairobi
    • Give thanks to "Integral Mission Initiative" National Conversations held in Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Nigeria. Pray for availability of resources in implementing national strategies in those countries
    • Pray for the planned strategic planning meeting in September
    • Pray for organisations and churches in Africa to work in addressing issues arising
    • in Africa. The Africa Regional meeting suggested issues to be reflected on and addressed as soon as possible. Pray for planned meetings and availability of resources to be running related meetings in months to come.
  • Pray for the Micah Network Board. The Board is excited to implement the aims and vision of the Network as it works through Board member and staff changes, as well as dealing with a tough economic situation. The three days spent together in planning developed strong bonds and a determined spirit.
  • Strategic Conversation on Gender - Praise God for the diversity of cultures and languages within the Micah Network. Pray that the Micah Network may be able to draw on the strengths of our diversity in order to nurture a multi-lingual, and multi-cultural discussion about gender and integral mission.

On a final note, many thanks to the team behind the scenes for all they contributed over many months to make the consultation such a success. Without these contributions the consultation could not have happened!

We encourage all our members to contribute to the weekly prayer update. Please email any requests for prayer by each Thursday to http://[email protected]

Thank you very much for your prayers and support.



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