Micah Network Update, July 2010

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Monthly Update: July 2010

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Letter to Members

Dear Friends

It has been an exciting few months getting to know more and more of our members and starting to plan and deliberate over our newly developing strategy. The first two weeks of June were dedicated to staff meetings and board meetings which were a wonderful opportunity to meet one another and re-affirm our commitment to Micah Network. We wrote a mission statement that we believe captures the heart of Micah Network:

To motivate and equip a global network of Christians to embrace and practice integral mission.

The second half of June was spent in Australia, taking time with Jane Furniss and then meeting our members and contacts on the east coast. I had the privilege of spending the weekend at a Micah Challenge event entitled Voices for Justice, which was amazing - over 300 participants all working together to raise awareness within the Australian government about the Millennium Development Goals and their commitments.

The main focus of the Micah Network secretariat this month is to finalise the membership application process and start to send out the application form to all our members to fill in. It has been a number of years since this was done, but is urgently needed so as to update our database and to clarify membership status. Please work with us as we do this as it will greatly benefit us all when our new web site is launched allowing a search facilitate to link up members.

There is much happening in the coming months – please share with us if you would like some of these activities to be included in our newsletter.

Warm Regards
Sheryl Haw
International Director
Micah Network

Reminder: thanks in advance for sending your membership contributions for 2010.

Lausanne Cape Town 2010 - are you going?

Logo for Lausanne

There is likely to be a number of Micah Network members at the Lausanne CT2010 conference - this presents a wonderful opportunity for us to meet. Rene Padilla will be there and has agreed to share with us how integral mission is evolving and how we can further motivate Christians to embrace and practice integral mission.

Please could you send me an e-mail if you are attending the conference and once we know how many people from Micah Network will be there I can try and arrange a room for us to meet for a few hours. This will give us time to greet one another, hear from Rene Padilla and briefly share the new Micah Network Strategy.

Please send e-mails to [email protected] by no later than 15th August 2010.
The title of the conference is: The Whole Church Taking the Whole Gospel to the Whole World. It will run from 16th to 25th October 2010.

If you are not able to go, as many aren't, you can still play a vital part in the run up to this. Go to www.capetown2010.com to learn more and to participate in the conversations.

Disaster Management Project

Over the last 10 years we have seen a growing number of disasters and emergencies occurring across the globe, irrespective of wealth, status, geographical position, religious background or political views. Response and coping mechanisms vary in speed, capacity and expertise but one thing is universally clear, it is the poor and oppressed that will be the most affected, not only in the immediate stages of the disaster but well into the recovery phases.

Responding to emergencies is the responsibility of all Christians, as the first on the scene of any disaster is one's neighbour and it is often their (our) actions in the first hours that can save lives, comfort and encourage the shocked community. However there are emergencies where widespread damage, serious loss of lives and materials, casualties and environmental damage is such that the response capacity of the community and even the local authority and civil service exceeds their ability to cope. It is in these cases that good strong coordination and cooperation will be essential to ensure the loss of life and damage to resources will be kept to minimum. Coupled to this a united response in supporting recovery and rehabilitation will underpin a quick return to normal life.

Micah Network members are now found in over 80 countries of the world. They are strategically placed to be a key contributor in emergency response and disaster management. By sharing a common commitment to Disaster Management, following agreed good practices and where possible cooperating in their response they will be able to demonstrate an amazing integral mission approach to affected communities, demonstrating God's love for the broken hearted, being a witness to that love and thus having the opportunity to declare it.

This Disaster Management (DM) project is therefore an essential initiative in Micah Network to research, prepare, train and support our commitment to strengthening good practices and sharing a common commitment in our responses wherever our members are. Micah Network members are committed to integral mission, and this includes working alongside local communities and churches to ensure the relationship and capacity is there to foster a united response.

Purpose of the DM Project

Primarily to build the local capacity of members, (local congregations, aid agencies, mission organisations, academic institutes, alliances and individuals), to respond in an integral mission approach to emergencies. This includes:

Theological Reflection:

  • Considering disasters, suffering and our responsibilities through the lens of integral mission
  • Developing a supportive theological paper to help guide our biblical understanding and strengthen our faith

Good Practice:

  • Exploring disaster risk reduction approaches
  • Establishing mechanisms to coordinate and respond
  • Strengthening capacity
  • Coordination and sharing of resources
  • Cooperation in advocacy initiatives, especially with regard to disaster risk reduction and protection


  • The sharing of testimony, learning, impact, good practice and quality standards.


Micah Network has taken on a consultant to help guide us through the first phase of the project. The consultants name is Adriaan Korevaar, who brings years of experience in relief work.

Phase One: Baseline analysis and project design

Over the next 3 months Adriaan will contact members to take part in this consultation so as to develop and plan on how best to proceed together. Please can I invite you to respond and participate in a timely manner so as to ensure we have gathered the shared experience and wisdom of us all?

The plan for phase one is:

Objective One: Establish a baseline of existing interest and capacity amongst members. This includes understanding of their biblical perspective of disaster, suffering and advocacy, as well as their capacity to deliver good practices.

Objective Two: Establish a baseline of the extent to which members have been involved in disasters and advocacy. In particular explore the extent that local congregations have or would have liked to more actively engage in disaster management.

Objective Three: Map key hazards members need to deal with.

Objective Four: Outline what capacity building interventions should be provided.

Objective Five: Design a project implementation plan (based on the DM proposal and baseline findings).

We will keep you posted on how this evolves. Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Adriaan Korevaar's e-mail: [email protected]
Note: Adriaan speaks English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German – so here’s a chance for everyone to interact directly.

Consultation on 'Stewardship in Mission'

September 27 – October 1, 2010, Cha’am Thailand.

Aim: Effective Stewardship in Integral Mission in the Asia- Pacific region

Details are available on our web site: http://www.micahnetwork.org/en/events/upcoming-events

This is the main Asia Regional Event for 2010 and an important opportunity to gather and share together. Please make every effort to come and invite new organisations who are interested to participate.

We would also like to raise your awareness to the fact that many smaller organisations are struggling to attend. If you or your organisation feels led to support another to attend please let us know.

For more information contact our Asia Regional Coordinator Sundar Daniel: [email protected]

Disability - Theological Reflection - Workshop

The Leprosy Mission (TLM) Southern Africa has been exploring the issue of disability and the local church for the past year or so in conjunction with Disability Connexion, a ministry of African Enterprise located in the city of Pietermaritzburg, about 90 kilometres from Durban.

This project, Operation Welcome Mat, has been spear-headed by Erna Moller, Programme Manager for TLM Southern Africa. One of the activities to flow from Operation Welcome Mat is a workshop on the theology of disability. This workshop will explore how we should understand what scripture has to say about people with disabilities. Outputs will hopefully help pastoral, mission and aid agency leaders to develop an inclusive approach to disability.

Workshop Dates: 10th - 11th August 2010

Location: African Enterprise Learning Training Centre in Pietermaritzburg

The workshop includes a variety of different speakers, including Erna Moller, looking at topics such as the historical view of perceptions of disability in the Bible, and perceptions in African culture regarding disability. There will also be testimonies from people with disabilities.

For more information, contact Peter Laubscher ([email protected])

Please note: Micah Network is looking how best to follow up our commitment to address disabilities through the lens of integral mission. The disability forum is available for all who want to be a part of these discussions. We are also in the process of discussing how we can ensure that we have theological reflection, good practice guidelines and shared learning available for members on our web site.

If you want to join the discussion in the forum please contact Jannine Ebenso the forum facilitator: [email protected]

Call to all Civil Society Organisations to Participate

Civil Society Organisations Logo

From Marcus Oxley - from Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Risk Reduction

Views from the Frontline (VFL) 2009 was a very effective collaborative action aimed at bridging the gap between Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) policy and practice, providing a "common voice" within the policy discourse at local, national and international levels. It brought together the views of over 7,000 government officials, civil society and community representatives involving over 400 organisations from 48 countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas. In the words of Margareta Wahlstrom - UNISDR "Views from the Frontline shifted the agenda at the Global Platform-DRR 2009 to focus on the implementation of national DRR policies at the local level"

Building on the experiences of VFL 2009, we are now planning the next phase of this groundbreaking project. We would like to expand the number of partners and countries participating in VFL 2011 - which will focus on key aspects of Local Governance. Local governance is where national policies are converted into actual practice and is considered by many to be the single most important factor in determining progress in building community resilience.

Some of the benefits for civil society organisations to participate in VFL 2011 include:

  • Increased interaction between affected communities and local state / non-state actors
  • Connects the voices of vulnerable people to national and international decision-makers
  • Part of an independent global initiative to increase government accountability and transparency
  • Strengthens the research, monitoring and advocacy capabilities of participating organisations
  • Opens political space for policy dialogue and builds trust and understanding between actors
  • Increases understanding of DRR policies and practices amongst agency staff and local actors
  • Enhanced organisational exposure through association with a high profile collaborative action
  • Opportunity to learn, share knowledge and good practices amongst peer organisations

There are several ways local, national and international civil society organisations can engage in VFL:

  • Administer local-level survey questionnaires with key informant groups
  • Coordinate and oversee VFL activities at national and regional levels
  • Provision of human and financial resources, technical assistance, training and capacity development to enhance capabilities of implementing organisations
  • Support joint advocacy and lobbying actions to promote VFL 2011 recommendations

Like VFL 2009, the Global Network Secretariat will provide overall coordination, capacity building support, technical assistance and (funding permitting) limited financial resources to support effective implementation. We warmly invite you to join us in this exciting initiative and ask you to discuss this call to participate with members of staff, partner organisations and relevant civil society networks, both in the countries where we are already working and additional countries. Over the next few months we will be recruiting organisations, finalising the implementation methodology, mobilising financial resources and undertaking training activities.  It is envisaged the actual survey work will start around September 2010 with completion ahead of the GP- DRR 8-13th May 2011. If you interested and/or want to know more please do hesitate to contact either Marcus Oxley ([email protected]) or Terry Gibson ([email protected]).

Web: www.globalnetwork-dr.org

Gender Based Violence Consultation

27th September - 1st October 2010 - Ecuador

This is an important subject and we encourage as many people as possible to attend this consultation.

The Goal: That the Christian churches in Latin America and the Caribbean will contribute to the reduction of gender inequality

Purpose: Strengthen the theological reflection and church practices of Christian leadership in LAC in a way that recognizes women's dignity and allows equal opportunities and access to justice.

For full information please see our web site: http://www.micahnetwork.org/en/events/upcoming-events

Contact: Latin America Regional Coordinator, Ruth Alavarado: [email protected]

Note: This is more than a consultation – it is an outreach and training project and is deliberating targeting people who would normally not make it to such event. It is producing supportive material to continue to raise awareness through training afterwards. Therefore, we are requesting financial support for this project.

For anyone who would like to contribute towards this project please contact Micah Network at: [email protected] or Ruth Alvarado.

Mission Between the Times by C. Rene Padilla

Mission Between the Times Cover

Rene Padilla is the President of Micah Network and is one of the premier representatives of orthodox evangelicalism in Latin America. He has consistently championed integral mission, a holistic understanding of Christian mission in which there is no artificial barrier between evangelization and social responsibility. Biblical, faithful to Scripture, contemporary and inspirational, the core message of this updated classic remains just as urgent as when it was first published twenty-five years ago (Eerdmans, 1985). This revised version includes a new essay on the contemporary history of integral mission, a history that began with the Latin American Theological Fellowship, progressed within the Lausanne Movement, is bearing fruit globally through the Micah Network, and challenges evangelicals to address the major issues of our day.

ISBN 978-1-907713-01-9

We highly recommend this book

Transformation and Integral Mission Conference - Nigeria

A conference is being held in partnership with Global Relief and Development Mission and Micah Network in Jos, Nigeria from 26th - 29th November 2010.

More information to follow in the next newsletter and on our web site.

Prayer Points

We encourage all our members to contribute to the weekly prayer update. Please email any requests for prayer by each Thursday to Steve Bradbury at [email protected]