Micah Network Update, May 2009

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Micah Network 4th Triennial Global Consultation: Nairobi, Kenya July 13 – 18, 2009

As many of you will know, we had some concerns about the low number of registrations. We are pleased to announce that we now have the required numbers and the consultation will proceed as planned.

In an effort to make it possible for more participants to attend, we have examined every option available to us to reduce the registration fee, and it has been lowered to:

Micah Network Members

  • Twin/Triple/Quad Sharing US$ 480
  • Single Occupancy U$ 580

Other Participants

  • Twin/Triple/Quad Sharing US$ 530
  • Single Occupancy U$ 630

If you are interested in joining us, please register by 31st May 2009. Registration can be done online at www.micahevents.org or by submitting a manual booking form to [email protected]. Please visit this link to download the consultation flyer and booking form: http://www.micahnetwork.orghttp://www.micahnetwork.org/en/events/upcoming-events/triennial-global-consultation.

Small Group Sessions – Call for Papers
We would encourage members who are interested in presenting a case study or facilitate a workshop at the consultation to submit their proposals by 31st May 2009. Please see the consultation flyer for the topics and email your proposals to Angeline Emery at [email protected].


HIV & AIDS: Developing Guidelines for Multi-Sectoral Partnerships

Sustainable and effective responses to HIV are beyond the capacity of any single organization, network or population sector. In the Micah Network, we relate to one another on the basis of our beliefs, shared values, and commitment to Integral Mission. In our responses to HIV and AIDS, we work with a variety of partners, some of whom hold different beliefs or values from us.

The Micah Network developed partnership values and guidelines in 2005. (http://www.micahnetwork.orghttp://www.micahnetwork.org/en/learning/partnership/guidelines-values)

The values outlined in 2005 were strongly affirmed at the Micah Network Global HIV consultation held in Pattaya in October last year. However, the 2005 partnership guidelines focus primarily on partnerships within the Micah Network. They do not address the complexities facing Micah Network members who were engaging in multi-sectoral partnerships in response to HIV and AIDS. For example, how do we communicate our commitment to integral mission to people who are suspicious that money allocated to HIV-related work will be used for evangelism? How do we affirm the leadership of people who are living with HIV both within the Micah Network, and in our collaborations? What do we need to do to ensure that we enter into equal, effective, healthy, respectful and mutually beneficial multi-sectoral partnerships and maintain and communicate our existing partnership values? How do we negotiate conflict and controversy?

We are seeking to establish a process within the Micah Network through which we can build on our existing work on partnership to support our participation in multi-sectoral partnerships in response to HIV and AIDS. We are interested to hear from people who are also interested in exploring the development of Micah Network partnership guidelines to include our collaborations outside of the Micah Network. If you are interested, please contact Greg Manning at [email protected].


Event: Global Day of Prayer – May 31, 2009

31 May 2009 is Global Day of Prayer where hundreds of millions of Christian from different nations will humble themselves and pray that God will transform the nations.

Please click on this link for information on how you can be a part of this momentous day


Music: Micah Network “Our Sins” CD

Micah Network announced the release of its first CD, Our Sins last June. It is a compilation of worship and reflective songs on the theme of justice. Most of the songs were written during Micah Network’s 3rd Triennial Global Consultation held in September 2006 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It features music by Leonardo Alvarez, Stefan Eicher, Luca Hansen, Dave Khai and Helen Mottee.

For more information on the CD including ordering instructions, please visit this link http://www.micahnetwork.orghttp://www.micahnetwork.orghttp://www.micahnetwork.org/en/story/micah-network-cd-worship-and-reflective-music-theme-justice

We are also keen to hear from members and friends who would be willing to distribute the CD in their own country. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact [email protected].


Resource: Knowledge to Policy - Making the Most of Development Research

Members may be interested to know that Overseas Development Institute (ODI) recently organized a public event on research for advocacy. The event, Knowledge to Policy: Making the most of Development Research, focused on evaluating research communication for policy influence.

The event was streamed live over the internet on 29 April 2009. Please click on this link for the resources


Resource: Who's Who in Disability and Development

The Micah Network Disability Forum recently distributed The World Bank’s list of some of the most important organizations within the disability and development community.

Other members may find this list useful and it can be accessed at this link http://go.worldbank.org/9FRM9ME020.


Resource: Community Risk Assessment Toolkit

The ProVention Consortium offers a Community Risk Assessment Toolkit aimed at helping practitioners work with communities to assess and reduce disaster risk.

Please click on this link for more information on the toolkit http://www.proventionconsortium.org/CRA_toolkit

The ProVention Consortium is a global coalition of international organisations, governments, the private sector, civil society organisations and academic institutions dedicated to increasing the safety of vulnerable communities and to reducing the impacts of disasters in developing countries. It provides a forum for multi-stakeholder dialogue on disaster risk reduction and a framework for collective action.


Report: What is Distinctive About Faith-Based Organizations?

The UK-based International NGO Training and Research Centre (INTRAC) has released a report titled, "What is Distinctive about FBO's; How European FBO's define and operationalize their faith.” The report profiles how FBO's in Europe operate in a climate that has asserted that religion is "anti-developmental".

Please visit this link for the full report: http://www.intrac.org/resources_database.php?id=367.


May Prayer Points

Please join with us in prayer for the following:


  • Sri Lanka – the Sri Lankan Government on Tuesday formally declared an end to the 25 year civil war after the army killed the leader of the rebel Tamil Tigers. EU foreign ministers appealed to the Sri Lankan Government to let UN aid groups into the country to help provide food and medical care to civilians caught in the fighting and to seek reconciliation with the country’s minority Tamil population. A UN spokesperson expressed concern about the fate of up to 80,000 people in the combat zone. Relief agencies in the camps and hospitals say that an enormous amount of work lies ahead. Please pray that aid will flow effectively into the country and that it will go wholly and directly to those who need it most and pray for long term peace, that civilians will be safe and be able to return to their homes and normal life.
  • India – we praise God for the peaceful conduct of the polls following the elections in India last week. We pray also for a mandate that allows for stability and that the right people will be chosen by the Government in the formation of the ministries.
  • Malawi – Malawi's Presidential and Parliamentary Elections took place on Tuesday 19th May, 2009. Campaigning officially ended last Sunday and so far the country has been very peaceful. It was a closely fought election between the incumbent, Dr. Bingu Wamutharika, of the Democratic Progressive Party and the Malawi Congress Party, Presidential candidate, Mr. John Tembo. Please pray for God's perfect will for this nation and its people. Results are likely to be announced by Friday 22nd May, 2009.
  • Africa – please pray for Presidents of African Countries that their faith clearly mark their politics. Give thanks for democracies allowing communities to have a voice in the decision making processes through attempts of decentralisation and good governance.
  • Pakistan – the UN refugee agency has warned that the human exodus from the Swat valley in north Pakistan is turning into the world’s most dramatic displacement crisis since the Rwandan genocide of 1994. Almost 1.5 million people have registered for assistance bringing the total number of displaced people in the region to 2 million. Pray that aid will safely reach all those who are in need, and for their safety and wellbeing – as well as for long term solutions to this crisis.


  • We pray for ongoing planning of Micah Network’s 4th Triennial Global Consultation in Kenya in July. We had some concern about the low number of registrations received to date. We now know that at least 100 people are planning to join us, so we are pleased to announce that the consultation will be proceeding. Please pray for all those involved in the planning, including the:
    • Local Organising Committee based in Kenya
    • Logistics team
    • Program Team
    • Climate Change Advisory Group
  • Please pray for plans for other meetings associated with the 4th Triennial Global Consultation, including:
    • Disaster Management Task Force
    • Gender Strategic Conversation
    • Micah Challenge Facilitators’ meeting
    • Micah Network Coordinating Group (board) meetings
    • Micah Challenge International (board) meetings.
  • Pray for all those who attended the National Conversations on Integral Mission Initiative in Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania; that lessons heard will have been learned and national strategies implemented. Pray for all those leaders as they seek not only to lead their Churches and their Christian Organisations but to influence the direction towards Integral Mission in their countries.
  • Pray for wisdom as we discuss HIV and the theological education initiative. Pray for the theological college teachers of Nepal who are planning the lessons. Pray also for the PNG efforts in this regard.
  • Please pray for David Westlake and Sundar Daniel who will be attending the Call2all Congress in Hong Kong from 31 May to 5 June, 2009. Pray for wisdom as they prepare for the workshop they will be delivering on Integral Mission, and discussions with organisers who are seeking to establish a Global Compassion Network.


  • Please continue to pray for Roshan Mendis and his team at LEADS Sri Lanka who are looking after approximately 100,000 refugees following the conflict in north-west Sri Lanka.

If you would like to contribute to or be added to Micah Network’s weekly prayer update, please contact Angeline Emery ([email protected]).

Thank you very much for your prayers and support.