Mission Commission: COMIBAM Internacional – Statement on the incident in Turkey

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As the Board of Director of COMIBAM International, we feel the need to make a statement about the act that occurred on Wednesday, April 18, in Turkey , and to align ourselves with the Christian Mission in the Muslim World.

1. We unreservedly condemn the acts of last week and any kind of violence. Human life is God’s creation, and must be valued and protected. We deeply share in the pain of the family members of those who lost their lives on Wednesday, April 18. We stand together with those who are suffering.

2. We reject all hate created for religious, political or racial reasons, and we condemn any declarations by politicians, religious leaders or journalists that generate this hate (Matt. 5:9).

3. We reject the concept that preaching the Gospel among Muslims is a competition for spiritual and religious hegemony. We declare that evangelism among Muslims does not fit within the rubric of terrorism and the salvation must be announced to Muslims. This represents the right for one to receive the gospel as much as our right in promoting it.

4. We recognize that acts of violence and death do not reflect the desires of the great majority of Muslims

5. We recognize that the assassinations that took place on April 18 reflect the difficulties for the Christ’s Great Commission, but it does not negate the mandate of God to disciple nations and actually makes it even more urgent (Matt. 28:16-20). The message of love and reconciliation of the gospel must be announced in order for peace to bring restoration (II Corinthians 5:11-6:2).

6. We declare the sovereignty of Jesus Christ over all people and over our lives. God is in control of history and uses history to work His will in the world (Proverbs 16:4). Despite man’s sin, God can use these circumstances for the establishment of His kingdom of peace and salvation to the nations.

7. We declare the love of God towards all people, without exception, and the desire for the physical, social and spiritual well-being of all people; this obviously includes Muslims.

8. We declare the right of all believers of all religions to practice and promote their religion and the right of each person to convert from one religion to another, according to the United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights. Even more, we declare our belief that this must apply to Muslims in our countries as it does to Christians in Muslim countries. We resolve to defend the rights to freedom of worship to all people of all faiths in Iberoamerica as well as in the rest of the world.

9. We believe that the only form of guaranteeing and promoting peace and living together between Muslims and Christians is a tolerance based on the message of love found in the gospel, and based on the free will that God has given us (Genesis 3). We reject the pluralistic concept that we must not evangelize as a means to establish peace among different religions.

10. Finally, we believe that our commitment is to Jesus Christ and his gospel, and we declare His followers to announce and live the good news among all nations, including Muslim peoples. We commit ourselves to do this with sensitivity, with attitudes of humility, repentance and love.

Board of Directors, COMIBAM International: Carlos Scott (President); Jesus Londoño (Executive Director); Ruben Suarez (Director, Caribbean Region); Jason Carlisle (Director, North American Region); Jose Luis Ramirez (Director, region of Mexico) ; Luis Marti (Director, Central American Region); Victor Ibagon (Director, Andean Region); Marcos Agripino (Director, region of Brazil); Daniel Bianchi (Director, Southern Cone Region); Alfonso Medina (Director, Iberian Peninsula region)