Mongolian Evangelical Alliance: Pray for Mongolia

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Press Release by the General Secretary of Mongolian Evangelical Alliance

July, 2, 2008 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Last night, recent parliamentary election results perceived as unfair triggered a major demonstration against the ruling party – Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party. Not too long after the peaceful protest turned into a violent riot, the angry mob set the ex-communist party headquarters on fire. The clash between the police and the mob continued and unfortunately 4 lives lost and many injured as a result.

The President of Mongolia declared the state of emergency at 11:30pm on the same night for 4 days. The situation is somewhat made stable.

Mongolia’s ruling party is accused of election scams by the oppositions parties. The opposition parties are calling for re-election.

This reflects the unrest in our political situation in the country of Mongolia.

On behalf of the body of Christ in Mongolia, we beseech our brothers and sisters around the world to join us in prayer for peace and reconciliation in the nation of Mongolia.