Musalaha Prayer Update

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24 May 2009     

Dear Friends, 

We are gearing up for some of our busiest months here at Musalaha with women’s activities, children’s summer camp, youth leadership training, and young adult and family conferences. It is during this time, as we make the final preparations before these events, that we covet your prayers. May God be with you as you uplift the ministry of Musalaha before our Father in heaven.   

of Musalaha Ministry of Reconciliation has received this year’s Christian International Scholarship Foundation Scholar-Leader of the Year award. This honor was awarded to Salim for his quality of life, influence in the home context, and accomplishments as he continues to serve a distinguished purpose for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.   

God Bless,

The Musalaha Staff 

Youth Department
The first of a three part conference will take place in Ephesus, Turkey, June 25-29. We ask that you intercede on our behalf for God’s wisdom as we make the final preparations for this conference and as we recruit the final number of youth leaders. Our goal is to bring an equal number of Israeli and Palestinian youth leaders who can influence their communities and teach reconciliation within their respective youth groups.  

One of the highlights of our youth department is our summer camps. We are hosting one Israeli-Palestinian children summer camp at the Baptist Village from July 20-24; a Palestinian children’s camp in the Bethlehem region the week of July 6 and a Palestinian children’s summer camp in the Zababdeh region the week of July 27. We ask that you uplift the leaders and organizers who are juggling a number of responsibilities that God would empower them with his strength and pour grace on their lives as they prepare to impact hundreds of children in their communities.   

Young Adults
It has been 7 months since our young adults ventured on out into the deserts of Wadi Rum, forming lasting friendships. Since then, they have had one follow-up in Nazareth and met together on their own for prayer specifically during the Gaza conflict, which impacted both sides last December. The young adults will be meeting again for an additional follow-up June 5 & 6 as they move forward in their journey of reconciliation.  

We are also preparing for the Bridgebuilders Conference in Norway, which is a conference designed to create a forum for peace between Israelis, Palestinians and Norwegians. The conference is slated for August 7-17 and we are still in the process of recruiting and interviewing the final number of Israeli candidates. We seek the Lord’s guidance during this intense time that he would provide for us as well as the funding for our leaders.  

Family/Leaders Conference
We are excited about upcoming Family/Leader’s Conference which is slated for August 14-21 in Karlsbad, Germany. We ask that you pray for the Lord’s provision for the purchase of the airline tickets. Also, that God would prepare the hearts of the Israeli and Palestinian community leaders at this time that they will be fully prepared and equipped to learn and initiate reconciliation in their societies.  

Women’s Department
On June 5, we have a number of women’s activities taking place, such as one of our social projects in Bethlehem. Our local groups have organized a day of fun and activities for the handicapped in their community and hope to minister to them through this outreach. We live in a society where the handicapped find it difficult to earn respect. We hope to show society how important it is to help them and include them as a living and active member of the community. We pray that we will have a large group of women and youth participating, offering a better future for the handicapped in their society.  

On June 5, Musalaha will also be hosting a seminar on dealing with death and fear of death for Israeli and Palestinian women. Pray that God would use this time to minister to these women. We hope that through this seminar the women would have the tools necessary to weather these difficult storms.                 

Contribution Addresses:
Contributions to Musalaha can be sent to Musalaha directly, or to the following organizations in the USA and Europe. Please write the checks to the name of the organization (e.g. The Andrew Christian Trust), and in a letter designate the funds to Musalaha. 

P.O. Box 52110
Jerusalem  91521

Reconciliation Ministries
P.O. Box 238
Medina, WA 98039-0238
Tax ID # 91-1960797 

CH – 4153 Reinach
BL 1
PC – Kto. – 40-33695-4 

Hauingerstasse 6
D – 79541 Loerrach
Kto. 1017730
Sparkasse Loerrach (BLZ 68350048) 

The Andrew Christian Trust
Rockwood, Storth Road
Sandside, Milnthorpe
Cumbria LA7 7PH
Registered Charity Number: 327845 

You can also make a secure online donation simply by visiting our website, www.musalaha.org. Thank you.  

Salim J. Munayer, Ph.D.
Director of Musalaha
Tel: 02-6720376
Fax: 02-6719616
[email protected]