Musalaha Prayer Update

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July 10, 2010 

Dear Friends,  

School is out and summer is here! The first of the Musalaha summer camps is underway and we are gearing up for two more later this summer. We are blessed that in spite of the heat and a few illnesses our Bethlehem camp has gotten off to a great start with more than 110 children from the area. The Bethlehem camp was organized by our Musalaha women’s groups in cooperation with the local scouts. These camps are part of the women’s outreach of taking ownership of their societies and investing in the future of their communities. They want to see a new generation of reconcilers. We would like to personally thank the Calvary Group who is also serving at this camp and has become an asset to the ministry of this camp. We ask that you keep us in your prayers this summer with all the activities going on, below are some specific prayer points. 

Thank you and God bless,
Musalaha Staff 

Prayer Requests 

Please pray for upcoming summer camps. This July 19-23, we will be hosting our eighth annual Israeli and Palestinian children’s summer camp in Zichron Yaakov. Please keep us in prayer as we are in the midst of planning, preparation and recruiting children in the midst of a difficult situation. We will also be hosting the second of our Palestinian children’s summer camp, July 26-31. Pray for God’s guidance, goodness and working these two weeks.  

Please remember us in prayer as we prepare for two overseas trips this summer, to Switzerland and to the United States. For our Swiss trip, please ask God to grant the youths who are participating, an open, tolerant spirit so that they will be able to come together as a group and learn to love each other as brothers and sisters in the Messiah. For our trip to the U.S. we need urgent prayer for the granting of visas for our participants. This is a big obstacle to overcome, but the Lord is faithful to bless those who call on His name. 

Please pray that we find a publishing house willing to publish a book we recently completed. Jonathan McRay interviewed and documented the reconciliation journeys of many of Musalaha’s participants.  Pray with us that this book will be used to impact lives and see the fruits of God’s work of reconciling people to him and to each other. 

This August, some of our staff will be heading on vacation, abroad on Musalaha trips and on maternity leave. We ask that you uplift them in your prayer. Also as we are growing and expanding, we have a great need to move. We ask that you pray with us for the Lord to provide. If the Lord lays on your heart to contribute towards expanding our office space, please contact us.   

If you would like to contribute to specifically our upcoming summer camps, or generally to Musalaha, please send to one of the following addresses: