Musalaha Prayer Update, February 2009

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Dear Friends,


We at Musalaha are caught in the middle of one of our busiest times of year as we are gearing up for our national women’s conference, our Youth Leader’s Training Seminar and our Youth Galilee Encounter. These conferences and seminars are a critical part of our ministry as they are the foundation for networking, relationship building and a starting point for the reconciliation process.


We have been blessed through our women’s program over the years as these women have been involved in the reconciliation process for some time. Though there are many pressing issues that trench deep into the heart of these women’s souls, they are still willing to take a step forward and tackle these difficult issues, even though sometimes it is only one step at a time.


During the Gaza conflict many of our participants, both Israelis and Palestinians, met together to pray for both sides though they were each affected in some way or another. We are grateful to all of those who responded to our appeal to raise support for the innocent victims in Gaza and southern Israel. We were very blessed to have been a part of a coalition of organizations and churches willing to appeal on behalf of the people in these torn communities and to have received gracious gifts in the midst of turmoil and in the midst of a financial crisis.


We know that God is good and that for every seed that is planted he causes the increase. We ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers though the political situation in this country is unstable, though there is a world economic crisis and through the daily battles we face in our personal lives.


Thank you again and God bless.                    


Salim J. Munayer, Ph.D.

Musalaha Director


  Women’s Department

Our bi-annual national women’s conference is coming up at the end of March. Our women will venture on out to Petra, Jordan where their theme will be Pilgrims in this world. While the topic is not as intense as our previous women’s conference, it gives the women an opportunity to enjoy each other.  A new women’s group is forming in May as there is great interest and anticipation from both Palestinian and Israeli women to take part in the reconciliation process. Our third side groups have an upcoming overnight gathering Abu Ghosh at the end of the month where Salim Munayer and Evan Thomas will be speaking about their experiences with reconciliation. Pray that all these women would be open to listening and sharing their experiences and that they would grow together. 


 Youth Leadership Training Seminar

We will be sending 10 Palestinian and 10 Israeli youth leaders to Petra, Jordan this March for a time of networking and learning how to become effective youth leaders and raise a new generation of reconcilers. We will also be testing our curriculum to see if it is applicable and what we want to use as part of the finalization of our curriculum.


 Musalaha Youth Galilee Encounter

During Passover, this April a group of Israeli and Palestinian youth will be heading north to the Galilee for our Youth Encounter. It is important that at such an impressionable age the youth learn to meet and see those from the other side as their brothers and sisters. The relationship aspect of the trip is foundational and it’s only something God can make possible. We ask that you keep these teenagers in your prayers that at such a young age God would lay on them a spirit of reconciliation that they may raise up to be a new generation of reconcilers.


 Contribution Addresses:Contributions to Musalaha can be sent to Musalaha directly, or to the following organizations in the USA and Europe. Please write the checks to the name of the organization (e.g. The Andrew Christian Trust), and in a letter designate the funds to Musalaha.  

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You can also make a secure online donation simply by visiting our website, www.musalaha.org. Thank you.  


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