Musalaha Prayer Update, September 2008

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Dear Friends,

Hello from Musalaha. I wanted to give you an update on our activities and some of our prayer requests, as summer turns to fall and everyone is returning back to school and work. This is a busy time of the year for us, filled with many comings and goings. Below is a list of prayer items, and we encourage you to keep them before you as you pray, for Musalaha depends very much on God’s provision. Also please remember to pray for all the Israeli and Palestinian participants that will be a part of our various programs over the next couple of months. Ask that God will provide them with a spirit of openness towards each other, and towards reconciliation.

Thank you and God bless,

Salim J. Munayer

Musalaha Director

* Youth Follow Up Meeting

This reunion meeting will take place October 2-4, 2008 and will be open to all youth (ages 14-18) that have participated in one of our annual Youth Desert Encounter projects. We will be spending two nights in the Arava in the south of Israel, hiking, camping, and having fun. There will also be reconciliation training which will focus on Hindrances to Reconciliation. Please pray for these youth as they meet together with old friends, that their relationships will be strengthened, and that new relationships will be formed. Also pray for their safety in travel and for the group dynamics.

* Young Adult Desert Encounter

On October 15-19, 2008 Musalaha will host its annual Young Adults Desert Encounter in Wadi Rum, Jordan. This is always an exciting activity as it brings together a group of Israeli and Palestinian young adults, and features no shortage of good discussions and dialogue. The program includes hiking, camel rides, and a jeep tour, as well as teaching on the topic of The Principles of Reconciliation. Please keep these young people in your prayers as they travel, meet together, and begin the long and difficult process of reconciliation.

* Women’s National Leadership and Reconciliation Conference

Throughout the next two months, nearly all of the women’s groups will be meeting for follow up meetings, and then in November 27-29, 2008 all the groups will come together for a National Leadership and Reconciliation Conference in Kibbutz Almog. This conference is a great opportunity for women to meet again with the other women in their group, as well as mix with women from the other groups. They also continue with their training in reconciliation and leadership. Please remember these women as they leave their families and homes to come together, and continue to be agents of change in their societies.

* Youth Leader’s Training Conference

Last year was the first of three Youth Leader’s Training conferences, and this November 14-17, 2008 will see the second. The same group of Israeli and Palestinian youth leaders that came last year will return this year to continue with their training. Because of the importance of youth, as the future leader of their societies, their youth leaders need instruction on youth leadership as well as reconciliation. This meeting will take place in Jordan, so please pray for these youth leaders as they travel, meet together, learn about reconciliation, and practice it as well.

* Salim’s visit to the Canada and the United States of America

Salim will be speaking at a World Vision Conference in Toronto, Canada and in California and Colorado in the U.S. from October 23-30, 2008. Please pray for his safety in travel, and that God will speak through him, and use him to spread the message of reconciliation. If you would like more information of where he will be speaking, please contact Musalaha at [email protected].

* Musalaha looking for help

Musalaha is looking for volunteers, from 3-6 months, with professional experience with writing and reporting, grant writing, and web-design. Whoever is interested please contact us at [email protected]. Also, please continue to pray for the Musalaha office as the search for new staff members continues.