NAE Update: December 2009

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The NAE Responds to Shooting at Ft. Hood 

In the aftermath of what is believed to be the largest mass shooting on a U.S. military base, the National Association of Evangelicals expressed its deep sadness for the loss of lives on the Ft. Hood base. The NAE joined together in humble prayer for the victims, their families, Maj. Nidal M. Hasan, and his family. (read more) 

Letter to President Obama on Abortion

The NAE sent a letter to President Obama requesting support of the inclusion of language against federal funding of abortions in the health care reform legislation currently moving through the Senate. The broad bipartisan support for the Stupak amendment in the House demonstrates that a solid majority of Americans do not want the federal government to be in the business of paying for abortions. (read more) 

Evangelical Leaders Prefer Traditional Burial 

Cremation rather than ground burial has rapidly increased in frequency over the past decade. Currently more than one third of deaths nationwide lead to cremation with a projection of more than half by 2025. A September survey of evangelical leaders showed that a majority are bucking the trend. (read more) 

Bravo to the Bishops

By Galen Carey, NAE Director of Government Affairs Religious leaders are first of all citizens and they enjoy the same rights as any other citizens and civic leaders to engage in public debate on policy questions. Our democracy is strong when people of faith contribute a moral voice to the debate, particularly on behalf of the poor and vulnerable. The halls of Congress are choked with lobbyists paid to defend the wealthy and their powerful interest groups. We desperately need more voices defending the common good. (read more) 

2010 Thru the Bible Reading Guides 

The NAE’s ever-popular Thru the Bible Reading Guides offer a chronological list of daily readings through the Bible in a year with readings in the Psalms on Sundays.  Place your order for the 2010 Thru the Bible Reading Guides online or call the NAE office at 202-789-1011. (read more) 

End of Year Giving 

Don’t forget the NAE when considering your end-of-the-year gifts. The NAE does a lot with a small budget. Additional funds would help us do more. (give now) 

NAE Friends’ Events

World Relief Christmas 

Two thousand years ago, the message of Christmas entered a world of poverty, injustice and violence. Christ, the message incarnated, exemplified a life of serving the most vulnerable. Today, the challenges remain the same. This Christmas, you can be part of a message of hope that transcends all of history; engage in a cause that will change the world; engage in a cause that will transform you. Engage with World Relief to empower the Church. (read more) 

Webinar on National Marriage Week 

On Jan. 13, 2010, join with pastors and marriage and family leaders in a free webinar on how to incorporate National Marriage Week into what you are already doing at your church to strengthen and support marriage and families. The webinar will cover opportunities, programs, tools and resources available in planning a sermon series, developing an ongoing marriage enrichment program, making marriage education materials and resources more widely available to your congregation and community, expanding discussions with youth about what it means to be a godly husband and wife, and much more. (read more)