NAE Update, December 2010

General December 8, 2010

NAE Update

December 2010

My Cape Town 2010 Experience

By Greg Johnson, President of Standing Together & U.S. Delegate to Cape Town 2010

Amazed! Humbled! Inspired! Each of these words captured some of the emotions I experienced while attending Cape Town 2010, the third great conference on world evangelization. As I boarded my first flight from Salt Lake City to Seattle, then on to a connecting flight to Amsterdam and from there finally to Cape Town on Oct. 13, I was sure there had to be some mistake. All I could think was, "How could a young parachurch leader from Utah be one of only 400 U.S. delegates to attend a gathering of some 4,000 believers from around 200 nations of the world?" Throughout my time in Cape Town I would ask this question again over and over. (read more)

From Cape Town 2010 to Orlando 2011

Mission America, the NAE, and other organizations will bring together onsite delegates and online participants from the Lausanne Conference in Cape Town to Orlando April 4-7.  The goal is to expand on the work of the Cape Town meeting in defining issues facing the Church in the United States and declaring steps to accelerate the Church in America toward the Great Commission. (read more)

Evangelicals Concur with Obama on Multiple Issues

When asked to name one issue on which they agree with President Obama, evangelical leaders answered with variety, listing 18 different issues of agreement, from the New START treaty and use of drones in fighting terrorism to the reduction of abortion and emphasis on fatherhood. (read more)

NAE Welcomes Executive Order on Faith-based Initiatives

President Obama's executive order affirming the White House faith-based office, which was issued Nov. 17, reflects recommendations made by the President's Advisory Council, as well as comments from the NAE. The statement of administration principles clarifies federal rules protecting both religious groups that receive federal grants and beneficiaries of government-funded services. (read more)

Support the DREAM Act

While Congress has failed to consider comprehensive immigration reform, they may have an opportunity to act on one aspect of overall reform:  giving undocumented children and youth a chance to earn legal status through military service or university studies. Providing a way for these young people to earn legal status would be good for them, for our communities, and for our economy. (write your Congressional representatives)

Ask Your Senators to Vote on the New START Treaty

In April 2009, the United States and Russia signed the New START treaty, culminating a process of negotiations begun by President Bush and finalized by President Obama. The treaty provides for reductions of approximately 30 percent in the U.S. and Russian nuclear warheads and for enhanced verification and inspection regimes. New START replaces the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), which expired in December 2009. (write your senators)

Catalog of Hope

Peruse World Relief's Catalog of Hope to learn how you can give practical gifts that will change lives this holiday season. One gift pays the way for a military chaplain and family to attend the NAE's Military Chaplain Retreat for training, rest and relaxation. (read more)

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