NAE Update: January 2010

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January 6, 2010

NAE Insight – Winter 2009/10
This edition of the NAE Insight focuses on health-related issues ranging from why Christians should care about their bodies to health insurance and post traumatic stress disorder. The Winter 2009/10 Insight also updates readers on the recently passed immigration resolution, the Evangelical Leaders Forum, hate crimes legislation, and much more. (read more) 

Evangelical Leaders Survey: Greatest Moral Issues Facing America
Abortion, moral relativism and mistreatment of others are the top moral issues facing America according to a year-end poll of America’s evangelical leaders. The Evangelical Leaders Survey conducted during the month of October asked “What is the greatest moral issue in America today?” (read more)

NAE Opposes Federal Funding of Abortion
Leith Anderson, NAE President, and Galen Carey, Director of Government Affairs, weighed in on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act urging Senators to withhold their support as long as the bill includes federal funding for abortions. The health care reform bill passed by the Senate on December 24 does not include the Nelson-Hatch amendment supported by the NAE banning federal funding of abortion. The Senate bill must now be reconciled with the House bill, which does include the funding ban. (read more)

Low Power FM Radio Bill Passes House
On December 16 the House of Representatives approved a measure supported by the NAE increasing the number of low power FM radio stations. A companion bill, S. 592, is pending a floor vote in the Senate. Low power radio stations give local leaders a forum to address local issues. Approximately half of all low power radio stations are licensed to churches or other houses of worship. (read more)

Letter to Senators on Adoption
Galen Carey signed on to a letter asking Senators to cosponsor S. 2816, which would permanently extend the 2001 adoption incentives. Representatives from the Christian Medical Association, National Right to Life Committee, Anglicans for Life and Concerned Women for America also signed the letter. (read more) 

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NAE Friends’ Events

National Marriage Week
Celebrate National Marriage Week February 7-14!  National Marriage Week is a collaborative effort to strengthen individual marriages, reduce the divorce rate, and build a stronger marriage culture.  Join with others to host special events, launch a marriage class or home group, or place local advertising or news stories during National Marriage Week. (read more) 

Faith and International Development Conference
The 2010 Faith and International Development Conference, which will be held at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Mich. Feb. 4-6, brings together over 500 students, faculty leaders and organization representatives.  The goal is to share ideas and explore passions among students and professors from a wide range of backgrounds. The conference strives to balance prayerful discernment of students’ callings, relationship building, and practical learning about international development. (read more)