NAE Update: May 2009

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The Coming Evangelical Future
By Leith Anderson, NAE President

Two recent predictions caught my attention. In The Christian Science Monitor on March 20, 2009, Kentucky writer Michael Spencer wrote, "We are on the verge--within 10 years--of a major collapse of evangelical Christianity." Two weeks later on April 3, 2009, the Associated Press reported that Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, predicted the collapse of worldwide capitalism. It seems to me that both prophecies may be more autobiographical than authoritative. Both are reactions to recent current events. Perhaps we should save these predictions in a tickler file dated April 2019 to see what has actually happened a decade from now. (read more) 

Evangelical Leaders Survey: Majority of evangelical leaders are organ donors (April 2009)
Evangelicals are known for pro-life advocacy.  This raised the question asked in the April Evangel! ical Leaders Survey, “Have you volunteered to be an organ donor upon death?” A majority of 57 percent answered yes while 42 percent said no. Although no explanations were requested, many chose to explain their responses.  David Neff, editor of Christianity Today, answered yes and said, “I have several friends whose lives were extended as a result of heart transplants, so I understand the tremendous gift that an organ transplant can be.” (read more)

Evangelicals Make Case for Welcoming Immigrants
By Michelle A. Vu, Christian Post

Usually, conservative evangelicals are not known to support immigration reform. But several prominent leaders of the movement made their case Tuesday evening for new immigration laws, joining a growing number of Christians who refer to the Bible for support in "welcoming the stranger." The evangelical leaders – including Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals – urged American evangelicals to engage in the immigration debate and call upon the U.S. government to work on new immigration laws this year. (read more) 

Obama Completes Faith-Based Council and Names Task Forces
On April 6, 2009, President Obama completed his 25-member Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships by announcing! 10 new appointments. These individuals join the 15 members appointed by the President on February 5th. The new appointees, like the original 15, were soon accompanied by grousing in press reports over a “lack of balance” within the Council. (read more)