NAE Update, November 2010

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NAE Government Affairs, Advocacy Pages Launched
The NAE recently expanded its government affairs pages online to include an area for each issue outlined in the “For the Health of the Nation” document. It also launched an online advocacy tool that constituents can use to contact their legislators. (check out the Government Affairs pages and the Advocacy tool)

No Consensus on Concealed Weapons
In December 2008, a former police officer who was carrying a concealed weapon stopped a gunman after he opened fire at New Life Church in Colorado Springs. Bob Wenz, an NAE board member, was at New Life Church that day. He said, “At the time, few churches considered the need for armed security personnel. Certainly we are all thankful that Jeanne Assam was ‘packing’ that day.” Yet according to this year’s October Evangelical Leaders Survey, evangelical leaders are split right down the line when it comes to concealed weapons in churches. (read more)

Evangelical Leaders Meet Their Congressional Members
Most evangelical leaders have made contact with their current congressional representative or senator. Forty-eight percent have personally met with at least one of their senators or representatives, while many others indicated that they have written, talked on the telephone or met with their member’s staff, according to the September Evangelical Leaders Survey. (read more)

NAE Addresses CA Prison Overcrowding, Protects Prison Ministries
Conditions in the California prisons fall far below standards of human dignity. Medical care for prisoners is minimal. Many prisons have curtailed worship services and Bible studies so that the space can be used for other purposes. The suicide rate is nearly twice the national average for prison, and more than 70 percent of the suicides that occur are foreseeable and probably preventable. Preventable deaths occur as often as once every six or seven days. (read more)

CNN Belief Blog: My Take: Abortion Reduction and the Election
By Aaron Mercer
With less than four days before Election Day, political campaigns are in full swing and their messages are all around us. One subject campaigns either passionately desire to engage or eagerly seek to avoid is abortion. The very word stirs deep feelings in many. What is too often missed is that abortion is not only an idea; it is a very real, everyday problem in our communities. (read more)

NAE Celebrates National Adoption Month
The NAE welcomes the celebration of National Adoption Month in November. Adoption honors the centrality of the family in human society and displays respect for the gift of life. (read more)

Hearing Their Cry: the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
The NAE encourages member churches to participate in the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) on Nov. 14. The IDOP provides the opportunity to join with over half a million churches in 150 countries to pray for the suffering Church. (read more)

Thru the Bible Reading Guides
The NAE’s Thru the Bible Reading Guides offer a chronological list of daily Scripture readings with Psalms on Sundays. The 2011 guides are available in packages of 50, 250 or 500.  Order some for your church, stocking stuffers, or Christmas cards. Purchase online or call the NAE office at 202-789-1011. (buy now)

From Cape Town 2010 to Orlando 2011
Mission America, the NAE and other organizations will bring together onsite delegates and online participants from Cape Town 2010 to Orlando April 4-7, 2011.  These representatives from many denominations and organizations will work to define the issues facing the Church and declare steps to accelerate the Church toward the Great Commission in America. (read more)

Friends’ Events

National Marriage Week
Start planning for National Marriage Week February 7-14th, 2010. National Marriage Week is a collaborative effort to strengthen individual marriages, reduce the divorce rate, and build a stronger marriage culture. Join with others to host special events, launch a marriage class or home group, or place local advertising or news stories during National Marriage Week. (read more)

Return to Narnia!
Pastors will have the opportunity to be the first to screen the upcoming C.S. Lewis classic “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” which releases in theaters Dec. 10.  If you are a pastor interested in attending a free advance screening of the film and in ministry resources to engage your congregation visit the Narnia Faith website.

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