Naim Aksam of Adana, Turkey and Turkish Mission, Shreveport, LA/USA

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Türkiye Protestan Kiliseler Birliği
Alliance of Protestant Churches of Turkey
To Churches and Ministries worldwide
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
The Alliance of Protestant Churches of Turkey is the alliance of local churches within Turkey covering the full spectrum of churches throughout our country and is a full member of both the European Evangelical Alliance and the World Evangelical Alliance.
We highly regret the need for this letter, however having pondered our responsibilities before God and the church in Turkey and worldwide, we feel obliged to send this letter out on what has become a very important and unavoidable subject.
As many of you will know on 18 April 2007, the Christian community in Turkey suffered the deep tragedy of the brutal killing of three believers in the city of Malatya in Eastern Turkey. This shook us all, and both locally and internationally many reached out in prayer and support, including financial support, for the families of the victims. In such times obviously various letters of information and appeals circulate, we have had to either ignore or make some corrections on some such letters where some unintentional errors have been made. However we are extremely upset with the blatant deception of the attached report sent out by Mr. Naim Aksam of Adana Turkey, associated with Turkish Mission Ministries from Shreveport, LA/USA.
The report sent out by Mr. Naim Aksam is full of lies and fabrications and we are shocked and appalled that such a tragic event has been turned into an act of self-promotion and money grabbing. We have attached the report in question as it was written and also a second copy of the same report with our comments added in red. His report is full of lies and fiction, for example his claims that he saw the bodies in the morgue and how they were mutilated are complete lies. We have the testimonies of those who actually saw the bodies (including one of the widows) and an autopsy report. Furthermore his claim for financial help for relocating the believers in Malatya is total fabrication; most of the local believers have not moved and have no intention to do so, the few believers who have moved (mainly foreigners) have done so with absolutely no need of financial support from the claimant! You will find many more deceptions in the attached report.
Some of our church leaders have warned some groups and churches in previous years against similar excesses by this person, but these warnings have sadly been ignored. The misuse of such a tragedy is the last straw for us. We therefore, as the general body of local churches in Turkey, urgently and strongly request that the report in question by Naim Aksam and related ministry are not circulated; that people, churches and ministries supporting them are warned against this falsehood. We request those who support this work to stop and thoroughly investigate what that they have innocently been donating to.
We would also like to encourage everyone to make it a principle to get references for people and organisations from others in the field before and during our acts of support.
In Christ’s Uniting Spirit,
Executive Committee
Zekai Tanyar Kaan Koryürek Daniel Günay Levent Kınran Engin Yıldırım
Chairman General Secretary Member Member Member