National Association of Evangelicals Update: February 2011

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Evangelicals Consider End-of-Life Issues
Medical advances have created a multitude of complex ethical questions with which many in the evangelical community struggle.  But, according to the December Evangelical Leaders Survey, evangelical leaders remain firm in their commitment to “let God be God” when it comes to their life’s end. When faced with severe pain in a terminal illness, 94 percent said they would not consent to the termination of their lives. (read more)

Evangelical Fellowship of Egypt Calls for Prayer
The NAE asks its members to join with their brothers and sisters around the world in praying for the people and government of Egypt. Through the World Evangelical Alliance, the Evangelical Fellowship of Egypt communicated specific prayer requests that brothers and sisters around the world could offer. (read more)

World Relief Elects President, CEO
World Relief, the humanitarian arm of the NAE, has elected Stephan Bauman as the Chief Executive Officer and President. Bauman has served as the World Relief Senior Vice President of Programs since 2007. He first joined World Relief in 2005 as Country Director for World Relief Rwanda. (read more)

Caring for Unemployed Congregants
Those who face unemployment often head to their churches for wisdom. Pastors and counselors have the opportunity to minister, care and guide them in this challenging time. One practical resource is the U.S. Department of Labor’s recently upgraded www.careeronestop.org website, which provides access to career and job search assistance and beyond. (read more)

Orlando 2011 Leadership Consultation
From Cape Town 2010 to Orlando 2011 and Beyond

Leaders from every arena in the evangelical Church will come together in April to define the issues facing the Church and identify its next steps in proclaiming the gospel. We will discuss and discern how the Spirit is reshaping our understanding of evangelism today and explore how the U.S. Church can partner with the global Church to reach the nations with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Plan to represent your community, ministry, church, or organization April 4-6 in Orlando. Registration is now open! (
read more)

Stop Taxpayer Funding of Abortion
Representatives Chris Smith (R-NJ) and Dan Lipinski (D-IL) introduced HR 3, the "No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act" for the new Congress. The bill would make permanent the longstanding congressional policy prohibiting the use of federal funds to pay for most abortions. (take action)

NAE Friends’ Events

UnDocumented.tv, a new initiative of World Relief, will create provocative and response-oriented short films intended to inspire and mobilize young evangelicals towards championing the needs of immigrants.  Their first film, “A New Dream” is available to view. (read more)

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