National Association of Evangelicals Update – July 2011

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NAE Insight – Summer 2011

In an economically tough time complete with high unemployment rates, the 2011 Spring NAE Insight takes a look at fundraising, the worth of churches to their communities, free things churches can do and much more. It also updates readers on same-sex marriage, religious freedom cases, and South Sudan. (read more)

Pawlenty Tops Poll

Among evangelical leaders, Tim Pawlenty leads the list of preferred 2012 Republican presidential candidates. In the monthly poll of leaders of the NAE, 45 percent said they would name Pawlenty as the Republican candidate. Mitt Romney trailed Pawlenty with 14 percent. Twenty-two percent were undecided. (read more)

News Tribune: National Conversation Needed on How to Best Help the Poor

By Galen Carey

The Heritage Foundation’s Jennifer Marshall raises important issues in her essay, “Compassion for the poor is meaningless unless it’s also effective.” Fair enough. No one wants to harm poor people, and no one believes wasting money on ineffective assistance is a good idea. But the alleged shortcomings of our social safety net are vastly exaggerated. (read more) 

NAE Opposes Circumcision Ban

The NAE stands with Jewish and Muslim leaders against a proposed ban of circumcision of male children in San Francisco. The proposal gained enough signatures in May to be placed on the city’s November ballot. (read more)

Creation Care Video Contest

Do you believe the Bible calls us to care for creation?  Are you or someone you know working to take care of the environment?  The NAE would particularly love to hear from high school and college students. Submit a video about creation care, and you could win up to $500. The high school contest runs from July 15 to Aug. 30; The college contest runs from Sept. 15 to Oct. 30. (read more)

NAE Friends' Events

Effective Public Engagement

The World Evangelical Alliance will offer a 10 week course on Effective Public Engagement to train participants how to biblically engage in the public square with sensitive and challenging topics and to consider the most strategic ways to communicate the gospel in a diverse world. Each person develops a project with a three-year plan. (read more)

For more evangelical events, go to www.evangelicalevents.com.

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