National Association of Evangelicals Update, June 2011

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Honoring Veterans
In celebration of Memorial Day, the NAE remembers our nation’s veterans and prays for them, their families, and the chaplains and others who minister to them. Read an article about ministering to veterans written by Chaplain Paul Vicalvi, Executive Director of the NAE Chaplains Commission, which endorses chaplains for the military and the Department of Veterans Affairs. (read the article)

What Drives Evangelical Leaders?
Over the past decade, evangelicals have joined the movement for increased environmental stewardship – what the Washington Post in 2005 called the greening of evangelicals. This raises the question asked in the April Evangelical Leaders Survey, How many miles per gallon does your primary car get? The average rate among evangelical leaders was 26.2 miles per gallon. The national average is 22.6. (read more)

Knock Tobacco Out of the Park
Smokeless tobacco use among high school boys has climbed 36 percent since 2003. Most likely there's a connection to the big league baseball players they consider role models. Galen Carey, NAE Vice President of Government Relations, joined with other religious leaders to call the Major League Baseball Players Association to agree to Commissioner Bud Selig’s proposed prohibition of tobacco use at games. You can tell your favorite MLB team to support the proposed tobacco ban at MLB games, too. (read more)

Support the Clean Air Act
Clean air is important for the healthy development of children and the overall well being of society. In addition, pollutants in the air, such as mercury, cause harm to the unborn. The Evangelical Protection Agency proposed new standards for hazardous air pollutants from coal and oil fired electric units under the Clean Air Act. The public can comment on the regulations at regulations.gov through July 5. (see sample comments)

Aaron Mercer Joins NRB
Aaron Mercer joined the staff of the National Religious Broadcasters as its Vice President for Government Relations on May 2. Previously he was serving as the Project Director for the NAE Generation Forum. (read more)

NAE Friends' Events

NYC Pray for Hope
Convoy of Hope’s Global Prayer Initiative is hosting a call to prayer for the poor and suffering in New York City on June 14. The all-day event includes prayer, fasting and a service with Pastor Jim Cymbala. (read more)

Christian Scholars’ Conference
The Christian Scholars' Conference brings institutions of higher education together with Christian scholars from all academic disciplines. This year’s conference, hosted by Pepperdine University June 16-18, will focus on science, theology and the academy and will feature Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health. (read more)

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