NCEASL Incident Update (Jan 27, 2006)

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National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL)

AOG - Bolaththa, Ganemulla - update
AOG - Bolaththa, Ganemulla - update The Pastor of the AOG Church which was disrupted and threatened by a mob on the 22nd January 2006 (see previous report - below) has been asked by the Police to present himself for an inquiry on Saturday 28th January.
Although the incident occurred on the 22nd, and it was reported to the Police, the pastor reported to NCEASL on the 25th that there was no action taken. The NCEASL lawyer made immediate inquiries with the Police and was assured that investigations are being conducted. Later that day the Police visited the Pastor to make preliminary inquiries.

While we welcome the action taken by the Police to hold an inquiry in to the matter, it is our hope that this situation will be resolved in a just , impartial and amicable manner.


22nd - 23rd January - Congregation threatened & stoned
AOG Church - Bolaththa, Ganemulla (Gampaha District)
On the 22nd January (Sunday) after the morning service, the church of about 50 people faced a large mob of approximately 500 persons, including about 20 Buddhist monks and a Catholic priest who arrived at the location. They carried placards and shouted threats, demanding that the services must be stopped. The mob threatened that they would return the next Sunday if the services continue.
On the 23rd, at about 3 a.m. the pastor's house was stoned, causing damage to widows. A complaint was made to Ganemulla Police. Entry No. CIB I 324/225

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