NCEASL – Incident Reports – Updates April & May 2006

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Title: Sri Lanka Incident Report Update, April-May 2006
National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL)

Incident Reports - Updates April & May 2006

Workers attacked

United Christian Fellowship - Poddala, Galle District
Workers attackedThe united Christian Fellowship began constructing a community hall on the 2nd of May 2006, on land purchased by them in Poddala village . On the 6th May 2006, at approximately 3.30 p.m. a Buddhist monk accompanied by an unruly mob entered the premises and threatened the worker carrying out construction and the Pastor who was there helping him. The worker was taken by the collar and assaulted. Both were verbally abused and threatened that if they did not stop construction of this 'church' they will demolish and set fire to the building. The Pastor had informed them that this was not a Church but a community hall.
The worker has since stopped construction in fear of attack.
The incident was reported to the Poddala Police.

Christians intimidated, unable to attend services

Methodist Church - Piliyandala
April/May 2006 - This Church was attacked on the 23rd of April 2006, (see update of 25th April 2006) continues to face difficulty. Although a Magistrate ruled that the Church has a right to meet for worship, congregation members have been prevented from attending worship services by unruly elements threatening people and burning tyres on the road.

Threats to close down Church

AOG Church - Piliyandala
On the 9th of April posters appeared in the vicinity, naming this church with the threat that if the Church did not close down there will be mass protests. A crowd of 24 people gathered outside the Church and chanted Buddhist chants 'gaatha'. The Church alerted the Police and the Police arrived at the scene. The protesters sought permission to stage a peaceful protest and left after a short peaceful protest.

(This Church has in the past faced much hardship. It was bombed and then completely burned down on the 25th of September 2003. Subsequently in 2005, the Church was taken to court with the aim of closing it down. However, the court ruled that the Church had a right to exist and function).

Advocacy Desk
09th May 2006